Become an authorized Sanforce distributor and increase your revenue streams.

Sanforce is committed to the enhancement of our brand and prosperity of our distributors.
If you are seeking a professional and specialized emergency backup conversion kits manufacturer, ready to become the distributor in your national or regional market, you will be supported through Sanforce marketing activities, sales support and priority communication lines to our technical team and customer service department.

Sanforce is expanding its product portfolio across the world by working together with leading electrical suppliers. We believe that national and regional representatives of Sanforce play crucial part in reaching out to our end-users and educating them about our product line. As such we have set forth some terms and conditions for selecting a distributor in any part of the world.

Conditions of Sanforce distributor:

  • With no less than 1 years working experience in the business of commercial lighting, lighting contracting, electrical wholesaling, energy-saving or green energy projecting, emergency lighting etc.
  • With high qualification, reputation and influence; no bad record in the past five years in banks or tax administration etc.
  • With successful stories of marketing and selling similar products of other established enterprises.
  • With good channels in selling and distributing related products.
  • With the technical or after-sales service staff or team.

Steps to become a Sanforce distributor:

  •  Two sides set a mutually agreed annual sales quota adjustable based on future years market demand.
  •  Sanforce works with prospective distributors for a trial period of 12 months to learn about the capability of each side.
  • Authorize Sanforce distributors with a binding contract.
  • Sanforce is the leading manufacturer of LED emergency packs in China, with more than 10 years of experience in the led light emergency power pack development, manufacture, and marketing. Our products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions.

Benefits of Sanforce distributor:

  • Distribution right of Sanforce Emergency power products in the authorized country or region.
  • Sell the Emergency Conversion Kits with our brand name "Sanforce" in the authorized country or region.
  • The unique distribution or exclusive distribution price.
  • Our executive's marketing support and following up.
  • Professional technical support and after-sales service.

Supported by the great influence and reputation of Sanforce LED emergency pack in the overseas market, cooperate with Sanforce strongly,we believe that you will achieve great success in your national or regional market soon, and reach the win-win success.

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