Constant Current

We offer a wide range of constant current power supply solutions including the remote control emergency conversion kits, low-voltage LED emergency power packs for external driver and the constant current output LED conversion kits. The constant current power supply products can be installed in a variety of locations from homes to theatres and for a wide range of voltages.

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Remote Control Emergency Conversion Kits

  • Customized & economical inverter cum battery solution
  • Up to 50,000 hours emergency inverter life cycle
  • Equipped with remote-controlled test switch for periodic inspections
  • Ideal for high-ceiling buildings, theaters, warehouse, churches, etc.
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Low Voltage LED Emergency Power Packs for External Driver

  • Designed for constant current-type LEDs & circuits
  • Utilizes DC/DC switch circuitry
  • Compatible with a wide range of external LED drivers
  • Wide (15 – 90) voltage range to meet your needs
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Constant Current Output LED Conversion Kits

  • Equipped with an inverter, battery pack & accessories
  • Use same LED fixture for normal & emergency situations
  • Configurable 1 to 4 hours backup period
  • Configurable 5% to 100% light output levels
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