Full Emergency Power

Sanforce® offers emergency power supply solutions for various types of LED tubes including emergency power conversion pack, internal emergency driver for LED Tri-Proof Tube, LED emergency kits for LED tube and the LED emergency backup kits. This array of emergency power supply products ensure that your surroundings remain illuminated during a power outage with minimal to no disruptions.

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100% Emergency Power Conversion Pack

  • Compatible with a wide range of LED tubes
  • Battery reverse protection functionality
  • High voltage DC 220-310V output
  • 12V 4AH high-quality NiCad batteries with fire-protection bags
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Internal Emergency Driver for LED Tri-proof Tube

  • Slim shape converter with linear battery pack
  • Invisible and convenient to install on wall, ceilings and any buildings.
  • Eco-friendly with energy-saving up to 40%.
  • Ideal for tri-proof LED & other driver-equipped LED lights
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Full Emergency Power LED Emergency kits for LED tube

  • Fixed voltage output & smart converter to adjust output current
  • 100% emergency output for lighting power up to 60W
  • Compliant for LED tube, LED sensor tube & Tri-proof LED tubes
  • Ideal for high voltage board (220- 310V DC) output
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Universal LED Emergency Backup Kits

  • Inverter with multiple protection functions
  • Compatible with 1-60W LED tube emergency lights or other LED lights request 100% emergency power
  • High Voltage AC220V or DC220-310V output
  • Intelligent automatic recharging & converting function
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Like our other products, these products are certified by leading authorities and comply with leading world standards. They offer constant voltage output and offer up to 100% emergency output. They are manufactured to support a wide range of LED fixtures and a wide range of voltages – check each product specification for details. These products are environment-friendly and incur minimal maintenance costs. We offer customized emergency power supply products that fit into your market’s regulation and requirements, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.