1.2 v Ni Mh Rechargeable Battery

Backed by enriched experience and innovative techniques, Sanforce is a leading emergency lighting equipment suppliers around the globe.

Sanforce sells high-quality rechargeable emergency lighting battery packs compatible for all of the household sizes. The specially designed NiMH battery pack emergency light fits all emergency lighting with other high-temperature power backup applications.

With the operation life with 500 cycles, the NiMH battery pack strikes an excellent balance between price and performance. With the two times, more capacity than other battery this battery pack operates efficiently in extreme temperature too. Also, it is an environmentally friendly battery.

  • High trickle – charge at a temperature of 70℃.
  • Three years’ warranty.
  • It is specially designed to fit the emergency lighting and other high temp power backup applications.
  • Easily disposable.

Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China

Brand Name : Sanforce

Certification : CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, SAA, CCC

Model Number : LMO0X0C0XXP

  • It can be applied at the temperature range of -40 °C~+55 °C with high work performance.
  • Long service and life with more than 500 cycles of charge and discharge.
  • Compatible rapid charge with high energy maintenance.
  • Over 95% efficiency at -20 °C and +70 °C temperatures for about three years.
  • Suitable for emergency lighting equipment as per IEC 60598-2-22
  • Compiles with IEC 61951-2 also being perfectly suitable for emergency lighting equipment.
  • Good Storage.
  • Compatible with emergency lighting, instruments, equipment’s, etc.
Size Single  Dimension Single  Voltage capacity  (mAh) Typical  package Package  Voltage  (V) Package  Dimension (mm) Storing   energy (wH)
AAA φ10*43 1.2V 400~800 AAA600mAh*3 3.6 43*30*11 2.16
AA φ14*50 1.2V 1000~2200 AA2000mAh*4 4.8 102*28*15 9.6
AA φ14*50 1.2V 1000~2200 AA2000mAh*9 10.8 126*50*15 21.6
AA φ14*50 1.2V 1000~2200 AA2000mAh*10 12 140*50*15 24
SC φ22*45 1.2V 1200~3000 SC3000mAh*8 9.6 180*45*23 28.8
C φ25*50 1.2V 1500~4000 C4000mAh*3 3.6 φ25*150 14.4
C φ25*50 1.2V 1500~4000 C4000mAh*5 6 130*52*26 30
D φ32*60 1.2V 4000~9000 D7000mAh*5 6 φ32*300 42
F φ32*90 1.2V 11000~13000 F12000mAh*10 12 160*90*65 144

The battery packed by small case and then put into solid outter carton,prompt delivery will be support.We can suppy all related delivery documents for battery shipping.

Custom packaging-Client special requirement for packaging will be applicable.

Minimum Order Quantity : No requirement

Price : Negotiable

Delivery Time : 5-7 working days for sample order, 10-15 working days for bulk order

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, PayPal

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