Constant Current Output LED Conversion Kits

The LED emergency driver comes with complete accessories to build the emergency lighting system in any building. With the constant feed of the batteries and efficient LED lights, the system can provide steady bright light in power outages. The system is designed to kick into light in 0.1 seconds to guide the employees to safety.

The emergency light kit can be configured with different backup period and output level. So, you can customize the device according to the requirement of the various condition. The system allows the inverter to charge the battery in standby mode. It works with an emergency output voltage of DC 3.6~80V and applicable for power below 150W.

Powered by Sanforce, LED emergency drivers to meet all of the safety code requirements for the emergency lighting system. Complied with European standards EN 61 347-2-7 Sanforce supply only high level and quality products.

  • Comes with the broader range of choice that meets your need perfectly.
  • Easy to install with the simple and compact design of the LED emergency driver.
  • Highly responsive in the event of serious problems.
  • LEDs are more power-efficient than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China

Brand Name : Sanforce

Certification : CE, RHOS, EMC

Model Number : LMO10XC0X0P

  • Maintain precise current output without jeopardizing the system.
  • Activate automatically in the event of power cuts.
  • The module comes with protection functionality against reverse battery error and short circuit problem.
  • Comes with a test button to inspect the operation of the module.
  • The driver works with a variety of LED fixtures.
  • Certified by CE, RHoS, and EMC.
  • Customize the intensity of the output with dial-up code.
Product Code LMO10XC0X0P
Applicable for LED Panel Light, Down Light, Ceiling Light, Flood Light,High Bay Light or similar LED system with external driver
Applicable for lamp power ≤150W
Emergency time 1-3 hour
Emergency power level 5~90%
Emergency output voltage DC3.6~80V

Inner box size: 170*127*67MM


Outer box size: 370*275*300MM

96pcs/cartonouter box




Minimum Order Quantity : 5PCS

Price : Negotiable

Delivery Time : 7-10 days for sample 10-15 days for order( depends on order quantity)

Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, PayPal

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