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Rechargeable High Temperature NiMH Battery Pack

Product Details

Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China

Brand Name : Sanforce

Certification : CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, SAA,CCC

Model Number : LMO0X0C0XXP

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity : No requirement

Price : Negotiable

Delivery Time : 5-7 working days for sample order,10-15 working days for bulk order

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Paypal

  • Special designed to fit the emergency lighting and other high temp power backup applications.
  • Customize battery backup systems for lamps 8 ~ 70W emergency time 1/2/3 hrs.
  • Has a high trickle-charge efficiency even at temperature as high as 70℃.
  • Warranty working properly within temp range-20℃~70℃ operating life 3 years.
  • Long Service Life
    Under normal use, Howell Energy Ni-Cd batteries can provide more than 500 charge/discharge cycles, or 5 year of standby power.
  • Stable Discharging Voltage
    Discharge voltage remains stable even in conditions of high-rate discharge current. (For equipment needing a high-rate discharge current, its far more stable than other battery types).
  • Wide Temperature Range
    The cell possess super efficiency and durability for both high temperature and low temperature operations, with the range from -10 to 70.
  • Super storage Performs
    After 1-Month storage at 20±5, a fully charged cell can still deliver approx. 70% of its nominal capacity.
Size Single  Dimension Single  Voltage capacity  (mAh) Typical  package Package  Voltage  (V) Package  Dimension (mm) Storing   energy (wH)
AAA φ10*43 1.2V 400~800 AAA600mAh*3 3.6 43*30*11 2.16
AA φ14*50 1.2V 1000~2200 AA2000mAh*4 4.8 102*28*15 9.6
AA φ14*50 1.2V 1000~2200 AA2000mAh*9 10.8 126*50*15 21.6
AA φ14*50 1.2V 1000~2200 AA2000mAh*10 12 140*50*15 24
SC φ22*45 1.2V 1200~3000 SC3000mAh*8 9.6 180*45*23 28.8
C φ25*50 1.2V 1500~4000 C4000mAh*3 3.6 φ25*150 14.4
C φ25*50 1.2V 1500~4000 C4000mAh*5 6 130*52*26 30
D φ32*60 1.2V 4000~9000 D7000mAh*5 6 φ32*300 42
F φ32*90 1.2V 11000~13000 F12000mAh*10 12 160*90*65 144

The battery packed by small case and then put into solid outter carton,prompt delivery will be support.We can suppy all related delivery documents for battery shipping.

Custom packaging-Client special requirement for packaging will be applicable.

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