Universal LED Emergency Backup Kits

Sanforce provides one of the best-LED emergency backup lighting kits which works with the variety of LED fixtures. It works with AC input 220V and gives an emergency output of AC220V or DC220V-310V. In the event of power failure, the backup system will automatically activate and avoid panic movements. You can set different back-up period and different light output levels in the emergency kit by dialing the code.

The LED emergency backup lighting kits are equipped with the inverter, battery pack, and other necessary accessories. The dual-rate charger controlled by the integrated circuit is optimized for energy savings. The built-in charge indicator and test button allow you to the monitored operation of the kit.

The inverter is equipped with multiple protection systems: charge protection, discharge protection, battery reverse protection, and short circuit protection. The intricate components of the kit are built to last for an extended period. The small and flexible dimension of the circuit allows you to install this module in any building type.

  • Design to work in an emergency like fire, earthquake, and other serious problem.
  • Can be adapted to any building types and organization
  • Can be operated in environment temperature of -25 C to 70 C.
  • Compatible for AC or DC output.

Place of Origin : Shenzhen, China

Brand Name : Sanforce

Certification : CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS

Model Number : LMO0X0C0XXS

  • Constant current battery output.
  • LED charges status display.
  • Embed with a test button to inspect the emergency and routine lighting function.
  • The intelligent system will automatically start the inverter on the emergency condition.
  • Adjust the suitable voltage for the system.
  • Comply with European standards EN 61 347-2-7 and certified by CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, SAA, CCC.
  • Compatible with all of the LED fixtures.
  • It is optimized with an IC controlled dual rate charger for energy savings.
Applicable for LED Tube Light
Applicable for lamp power 1-60W
Charging power AC110V-AC265V,50HZ/60HZ;
Emergency time 1~3Hour
Emergency power 100%
Emergency output voltage AC220~230V
Inverter dimension 217×40×30mm
Product weight 200g/pcs
Emergency Conversion time 0.1sec
Charging time 24h
Battery To be configured with different back-up period and different light output levels.
Metal Casing Size Inner Box Size PCS/box Outer Carton Size  PCS/Carton
200*100*33mm 280*110*38mm 1 350*295*248mm 18
200*100*53mm 280*110*57mm 1 350*295*248mm 12
330*104*45mm 350*110*38mm 1 370*350*200mm 12
415*130*50mm 1 430*280*220mm 8
360*120*45mm 415*130*50mm 1 430*280*220mm 8
520*120*45mm 530*130*50 1 550*270*150mm 5

Minimum Order Quantity : No requirement

Price : Negotiable

Delivery Time : 5-7 working days for sample order, 10-15 working days for bulk order

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, PayPal

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