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LED Emergency Drivers

Browse from our wide range of LED emergency lighting conversion kits and LED emergency drivers for your next commercial, public, industrial or residential project. Designed for secure lighting, in case the main power supply goes down our emergency driver will immediately switch over to battery mode and keeps the surrounding illuminate. As a leading supplier of LED emergency drivers and emergency lighting conversion kits in the UK, we offer readymade and custom LED emergency driver solutions that align with your project requirements and budget. Our LED emergency drivers are quality controlled and certified by leading UK's authorities to meet the need of today’s home, office, and public infrastructures.

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Emergency LED Lights

Install Sanforce emergency LED lights today and keep doing what you were doing without bothering about the power outage. As a leading LED emergency light supplier in China, Sanforce delivers LED emergency lights that perform when they are supposed to. We offer emergency LED lights in various configuration – even custom configurations are available for bulk orders. Available at affordable cost and shipped anywhere in the UK and around the world, our emergency LED lights can be configured for various power supplies.

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Emergency Lighting Battery Packs

Sanforce offers factory-made and customized emergency lighting battery packs in UK for a wide range of LED, Fluorescent, and Halogen lights. We offer durable Li-Ion battery packs, high-temperature NiMH battery packs and of course the high-temperature NiCD battery packs along with emergency conversion kits in UK. Certified by leading authorities, Sanforce® emergency power packs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  Browse all our emergency light batteries now.

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Emergency Light Accessories

Along with being a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of emergency lighting solutions in China and the UK, Sanforce is also a leading emergency light accessories supplier in the UK. We offer a wide range of emergency light accessories like emergency light led indicators for public and private infrastructures. Be it waterproof cover or LED lights or testing remote control or water-proof connector, all-in-one emergency lighting casing or the LED indicator and test button - we provide all the required spares to our clients.

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Who We Are

Sanforce is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED emergency drivers and emergency conversion kits for the United Kingdom. Based in China, we specialise in supplying emergency drivers of various makes and configurations, batteries and accessories that comply with emergency safety standards set by various bodies.

In our decade long experience in the industry, we have worked with industry and quality control experts to produce and market LED emergency drivers and conversion kits and spare parts that perform even in the roughest conditions. Unlike our competitors that provide these drivers with set variables, we specialise in offering custom-made configurations that correspond to our client’s project needs. Sanforce® emergency light kits and fixtures can be ordered to be included IP67  rated metal or plastic encasings and our internal and external drivers and parts are certified CE, ROHS, EMC-SAA and compliant with the British emergency lighting safety regulations for non-maintained self-contained standby lighting.

Why Choose Us

Efficient Supply Chain

We work with leading lighting material suppliers in the UK and our associations with leading freight and cargo leaders enables us to deliver our products to any part of the country. Get in touch today to find a dealer near you or for dealership partnership inquiries.

International production guidelines

Our production assembly lines and workforce are regulated by international production and manufacturing guidelines. This ensures that our products comply with international production guidelines and labour interests.

Top Quality Assurance

Before leaving the assembly line, our products are rigorously tested and verified by our quality assurance team. The process ensures any Sanforce® products that comes out of production line is of the quality that our customers worldwide want

Wide Products Variety

We have established ourselves as one-stop-solution for all your LED emergency drivers. Be it constant power LED emergency drivers or constant voltage or constant current dimmable or be it batteries or test switches – our products fully customisable.

24/7 Support

We offer technical and non-technical support to our clients including dispatching our team of technicians to assemble your emergency lightings. Be it over phone or online or in person our technical and sales team are always at hand.

Customised Solutions

As leaders in manufacturing quality LED emergency drivers, our technical team provides extensive support for your lighting projects. From accessing your needs to manufacturing products that align with your technical needs – we go above and beyond.

Our Happy Customer


  • Competitive prices that help you cut down projects cost
  • High-quality products that bring lesser complaints
  • Extensive shipping network and options to choose from
  • Express shipping to ensure delivery on time throughout the UK
  • Extensive documentations and resources for product configuration
  • 24/7 technical and sales support

"Through three years of cooperation, we know Sanforce Technology have more deep understanding, the production process conducted a series of quality control, they have good logistics solutions for battery products, let us won more honor in front of customers."

Rigo Samlmero
from Brazil

"Sanforce for me represent high quality and strong service level.The people at Sanforce are highly committed to their customer and strive for bringing the best possible solutions to its range of customers. I would recommend Sanforce as the supplier of emergency kit to anybody."

from Denmark

"We are really pleased with the quality of the battery units we receive from Sanforce and we have been getting positive feedback from our clients as well on the emergency duration they are able to achieve."

from South Africa

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