Being the best emergency lighting solution provider, we at Sanforce bring with it – excellent emergency lighting battery packs. Specially designed for led emergency ballasts, the Ni-Mh batteries run for long hours without any interruptions. These Ni-Mh batteries are specially designed for high temperature applications and deliver optimal performance for up to 3 years.

  • We have several battery packages from 400mAh to 13000mAh capacity but we can get you a customized battery package, as per your requirement. These battery packages are highly reliable with operation life of over 500 cycles and are best suited for your emergency lighting needs.

    These battery packs are compatible with emergency lighting as well as other high-temperature power backup applications. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you have.


  • Provide excellent power backup applications like emergency lighting.
  • Give excellent performance from temperature range of -20C to +70C
  • Flexible due to its lightweight and reasonable size.
  • Compatible with rapid charge with high energy maintenance
  • Certified by CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS, SAA, CCC.

1.2 v Ni Mh Rechargeable Battery

Introducing our range of 1.2V Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries, specifically designed for emergency lighting battery packs. These batteries are the perfect solution for exit lights and other emergency lighting applications. At Sanforce, we not only offer high-performance batteries but also prioritize lightning-fast and free shipping to ensure you get the power you need without delay.

Our rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries are engineered with the unique requirements of emergency lighting in mind. They provide reliable power backup for exit lights, ensuring continuous illumination during critical situations. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, our batteries deliver the performance and reliability needed for emergency lighting systems.

In addition to their exceptional performance, our batteries come with the added benefit of fast and free shipping. We understand the urgency of your emergency lighting needs, and we strive to provide a seamless and efficient shipping experience. With our lightning-fast shipping, you can count on receiving your batteries quickly and reliably.

Our Ni-Mh batteries are rechargeable, allowing for easy maintenance and reuse. You no longer have to worry about constantly replacing disposable batteries, saving you time and money in the long run. Simply recharge the batteries when needed, and they are ready to provide reliable power backup for your emergency lighting systems.

We take pride in the quality and safety of our batteries. They undergo rigorous testing and are certified to meet industry standards, including CE, LVD, and RoHS. With these certifications, you can have confidence in the reliability and performance of our batteries for your emergency lighting needs.

In conclusion, our 1.2V Ni-Mh Rechargeable Batteries are the ideal choice for emergency lighting battery packs. Designed specifically for exit lights and emergency lighting applications, they offer reliable power backup when you need it most. With our focus on lightning-fast and free shipping, you can trust us to deliver your batteries quickly and efficiently. Choose Sanforce for high-quality rechargeable nickel batteries and experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable power for your emergency lighting systems.

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