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Are you in search for a supplier of high quality emergency backup power for your lighting project?

Sanforce Technology (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd is the professional manufacturer specialized in emergency conversion kits for LED and fluorescent lighting.

Active since 2008,Sanforce has been exporting CE-, ROHS-, EMC-SAA marked products to various buyer in Europe , South of America, Australia, Intra- Asia ,South of Africa and beyond.

From training and support on how to select products for a specific application, through to the provision of routine on-site testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems, you can be sure that Sanforce is ready to support you, whatever your needs.


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Sanforce helps you to find best emergency solutions for your unique lighting application!

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Perfect Distribution Network

Better service customers locally by set up owned branch office in Europe and Australia

Strict Product Process

This page shows you clearly product process from materials to finished sets.

Excellent Quality Assurance

Sanforce only focus on high quality products, Here you may find how we proceed with testing to ensure the reliability.

Abundant Products Variety

Here you can find Sanforce's full item of products. On this section you have the full description of each product: their function, main application areas and target markets

Rich Resources Support

Manual and videos to guide the operation process, training service, technical support and warranty service—all to enrich your knowledge on emergency conversion kit

Multiple Customized Solutions

Emergency kit solutions vary in respect to lighting applications and specific demands. Please fill your requirements in the form and we will provide you with the excellent embodiment.

Starting your emergency lighting project today, We can offer you 10% discount!

Cutsomized Solution Made You Easy!


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Distributors and OEM Customers

Competitive price help you cut cost and increase profits.

Reliable quality get you rid of troubles of quality complaints

Sanforce will handle all details of the order on your behalf, providing short lead time and fast shipping to ensure delivery on time

Professional distribution network minimize your purchasing cost and better serve your customer on-site.

Rigo Samlmero
from Brazil

"Through three years of cooperation, we know Sanforce Technology have more deep understanding, the production process conducted a series of quality control, they have good logistics solutions for battery products, let us won more honor in front of customers."

from Denmark

"Sanforce for me represent high quality and strong service level.The people at Sanforce are highly committed to their customer and strive for bringing the best possible solutions to its range of customers. I would recommend Sanforce as the supplier of emergency kit to anybody."

from South Africa

"We are really pleased with the quality of the battery units we receive from Sanforce and we have been getting positive feedback from our clients as well on the emergency duration they are able to achieve."

You can count on us to help you find unique solutions to grow your business!

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Help & Support

We are here to help you

Sanforce offers free consultation for designing customized
solutions to increase the level of emergency lighting functionality.

Our updated manual and videos will guide you how to use
the emergency module. Please contact us for any clarifications
with various contact method.


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