From the delivery of individual LED emergency modules to complete services for your lighting project – our range of products and services is diverse and always tailored to individual customer needs and local conditions.

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Why Sanforce ?

Since 2008, Sanforce has been focusing intensively on manufacturing reliable, affordable, and innovative LED emergency lighting drivers. We a privately-owned and and full-line emergency power supply manufacturer. We take pride in our ability to cater to a wide range of sectors by manufacturing and supplying durable, dependable and bespoke emergency ballasts. And we stand true to our objective of keeping the lights on when the power goes down.


    Sanforce products provide your projects the ability to outperform and outlast your competition. Our products are engineered and tested on-site to endure a wide range of tough conditions.


    As an ODM and OEM company, we have the capabilities required to design, manufacture and deliver LED emergency modules including ballasts and accessories that are tailored to your project needs, within time.


    Our production assembly lines and workforce are regulated by international production and manufacturing guidelines. This ensures that our products comply with international production guidelines and labor interests.


    We take pride in offering after-sales support to our customers. Our customer support coupled with our extensive online resources on installation and repairing provide you assistance whenever you need it – 24/7.

Reliable Emergency Lighting Modules To Keep Your World Bright

No matter where you are or what your project's emergency lighting requirements are. We have you covered. Browse our catalogue or contact us for tailored solutions.

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