Bring Emergency module to your LED lighting system

Sanforce offers emergency module customization and manufacturing services at affordable prices. We promise to develop your module within just 15 days of order and with no minimum quantity requirements.

Customize Now

    Sanforce maintains high customization standards and performs a calculated inspection to ensure the high quality of products. And the whole process is traceable.

    Below are conventional procedures of an OEM/ODM program:

    • Sending of e-mail with requirements of OEM/ODM products by client
    • Sending of design files with LOGO and specific requirements by client
    • Quotation sent by us regarding product prices and printing plate charges
    • Sending of purchase order by client, after which manufacturing of product starts
    • Procurement of product by our client


    As per the requirements of our customers, we deliver fully customized products.

    Being an Original Emergency Module manufacturer, we have a strict and clear management system and efficient production capacity. We help our clients to make the products market-ready which they can advertise and bring to the market. Our technique and procedure ensure the top-quality of products and their timely shipping. 


    Our technique and concept have continuously improved during the past 8 years of manufacturing. We have expanded our market during this time and since each country has its own specification and standard, we have acquired more and more certifications. Still it is not possible to make our products suitable for all the countries and hence ODM is a good way to expand our market further. What’s more, our technical staff have many years of experience, and also know about the specific market requirements of each country. As a result, they can determine the requirements of our every customer.

    Hence, we have the capacity to design the products for other companies according to their specific requirements. For example, the standard output time for our emergency conversion kit is about 3 hours. But we can change the output time of them according to customers’ requirements. And other specifications such as operation, supported lamp type, battery, LOGO and so on can also be customized accordingly. Of course, the customers need to provide the specifications and hence, ODM saves a lot of valuable time of our customers. So, we full heartedly welcome the orders of foreign suppliers and manufacturers.