Emergency Conversion Kit Catalog

Constant Current

1~25W 15-90VDC Emergency Conversion Kit for LED Panel Light

1~25W 15-90V DC LED Panel Emergency Kit

1~25W 9-90VDC LED Panel Emergency Pack

Constant Power

3W 6~60VDC LED Conversion Kit

3W 6-60VDC LED Downlight Emergency Pack

2~4W 6~60V DC LED Panel Emergency Pack

Emergency Ballast

1~25W 12~90V DC Dimmable Self-Test Emergency Ballast

1~60W 6~24V DC Dimmable LED Strip Light Conversion Kit

4~70W 1000 V Dimmable Fluorescent Light Emergency Ballast

LED Emergency Ballast

1~10W 220V AC LED Tube Emergency Kit

1~60W 220-310V DC Emergency Ballast for LED T8

1~60W 220-310V DC Emergency Ballast for LED Tube

1~60W 220~230VAC Emergency Ballast for LED T8

The emergency module specifications Step-by-step installation manual and maintenance guide