Case Study 1: Waterproof and custom-size emergency modules

A customer requested emergency function for his waterproof LED light with 30 mm of height inside of the tube and wanted it to be installed on the ceiling of a warehouse and parking lot. 

Case Study 2: High Ceiling Testing with Remote Switch

Another customer required a special emergency power supply to be installed at a height of 7 meters of hotel hall and it required to test the emergency function of the light from time to time.

Case Study 3: Emergency Pack with Visible wiring with LED indicator light

One of our UK customers requested us for providing a emergency pack with a LED indicator light on it whose wiring was supposed to be visible under the ceiling. 

Case Study 4 : Downlight Emergency Pack With Custom Designed Emergency Pack

An U.A.E. customer requested for 3H self- test emergency pack for downlight with custom-size outerbox for installing on the ceiling of hospital floors.

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