One of our customers requested emergency function for his waterproof LED light with 30 mm of height inside of the tube which are installed on the ceiling of warehouse and parking lot. No applicable emergency pack was readily applicable for this small space inside of led light. So, we developed and designed the new type of slim shaped driver to well accommodate the challenge.


The inside height of waterproof light is only 30 mm, however normal emergency led module is of 45 mm height. The required emergency power and illumination time have to set up with big capacity battery. NiCd and NIMH is quite big size, but Li-ion battery is not good to put inside of waterproof light because of high temperate inside and without constant ventilation.


Based on existed products, we developed a long and slim shaped emergency module after discussing with customer and our engineer team. And using high temperature nickel metal hydride batteries in linear combination, installation became convenient. Now the customer was very satisfied with our competence.

How we did it

“Customer first” is our value in business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their requirements in emergency lighting installation. Thanks to our dedicated engineer team, and cross-site collaboration, we fulfill almost every customers’ requirements.

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