LED emergency drivers convert ordinary light into non-maintained emergency light. They monitor and manage the power source for the LED light. There are three types of LED emergency drivers in the market, and you can select them based on your requirements. Here is a guide to choose appropriate LED emergency drivers.

In this guide, we will look at the three major types of LED emergency drivers: Constant Power, Constant Voltage, and the Constant Current LED emergency drivers, elaborate on their features and compare their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Constant Power LED Emergency Driver?

Constant power LED emergency drivers are those LED drivers that offer a higher level of operational flexibility to maintain constant power for different LED lamps.

These drivers are battery powered and can be configured to supply fixed the amount of power required specific to power parameter requirements of the LED lamp.

This type of LED emergency driver can be customizable to the power requirements of any LED lamp and, therefore, more suitable for retail or wholesale.

They provide a constant flow of current and voltage required by the LED lamp and therefore do not affect the brightness of an LED lamp – even when the main power supply is off, and the LED emergency driver is powering the lamp.

The LED emergency driver is generally used as an external driver to power LED light and strip fittings, which have their own internal LED driver.

What is a Constant Current LED Emergency Driver?

Constant current LED emergency drivers are designed to offer a specific range of output voltages to the LED lamp when the main power supply goes off. Some LED lamps are rated to be used within a fixed amount of current (mA).

For converting such LED lamps into non-maintained emergency lights, a constant current driver that provides the designated current must be used.

LED constant drivers to regulate the quantity of forward current required by the LED lamp for generating photons (lumens). They are used on LED lamps that don’t come equipped with an in-built current driver.

A constant current emergency power supply is designed for specific LED lamps, and they are highly efficient and offer stable current and brightness of an LED lamp.

What is a Constant Voltage LED Emergency Driver?

Constant voltage LED emergency drivers are used to regulating voltage supply to LED lamps that require a steady and fixed amount of direct voltage (DC), usually between 6V ~ 12V to illuminate.

They are used in LED lamps where LEDs are arranged in strips and lie parallel to the driver like LED accent and landscaping lights, backlighting, or for advertising signage or HD LED lights displays.

These drivers are designed for single direct (DC) output voltage and receive a standard voltage between 85~265V. No matter the current load, this driver offers a fixed amount of direct voltage to the LED lamp.

Sanforce Tech, for instance, offers this type of driver in a variety of output wattage and also comes with dimming capacities when the lamp is operating on the driver’s battery power.

Which type of LED emergency driver is better?

While each of these LED emergency drivers has its importance, the LED constant power emergency driver is a better choice as it provides the capability to provide a fixed amount of current and voltage to an LED emergency lamp.

Instead of acquiring LED emergency drivers of various voltage and current outputs, procuring the constant power LED emergency driver helps for all types of LED lights.

As such, it reduces inventory costs and offers lighting designers and manufacturers a flexible and efficient way of converting LED lights into non-maintained emergency lights.

Constant power LED Emergency drivers also increase the voltage output by 2.5%, corresponding to the rise in the current by 16%. Though they may seem to be a costly expenditure, their electricians prefer to buy these expensive products.

This driver ensures constant brightness of LED lamps during normal times and power outages – making them reliable choices for electricians.

Constant Voltage LED emergency drivers can be the right choice if the LED lamps in your establishment require this kind of driver. They come with a wide range of configurable output power supply.

These drivers can be customized to deliver a specific amount of power to the LED lamp based on the lamp’s requirement. And turn out to be useful in the continuous lighting process, are highly reliable, and hold a longer life span.

Constant current LED emergency drivers are suitable when you have custom-designed fixtures or are working with high-power LEDs. These drivers are designed to handle the flow of a higher amount of current supply to an LED lamp. They can supply any amount of current required by an LED while avoiding burnout/thermal runaway.

Since they regulate and provide a steady flow of forwarding current to the LED lamp, they also ensure consistent illumination power to the LEDs. They control the current, which is required by the LED to illuminate to its full capacity.


Constant current LED emergency drivers to offer a fixed amount of current to the LED lamp but do not control the voltage supply. Constant voltage LED emergency drivers to provide a fixed amount of forward voltage to an LED light but cannot control the current.

On the other hand, a constant power LED emergency can provide a fixed amount of current as well as set range of voltage to an LED lamp – making it an ideal choice for both types of LED lights.

However, this does not mean that constant power LED emergency driver is the best choice – it is an economical choice but not always the ideal choice.

Each of these drivers caters to the specific needs of an LED lamp and to the surroundings where it is used.

So, there is no specific answer about which LED emergency driver is better – for everyone has its pros and cons and depends on the particular need of your project.

Get in touch with one of our expert customer service representatives so that we can offer you solutions that are tailored specifically to your project’s needs.

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