Some of western people might think European products are highest quality, long warranty time while Chinese merchandise are still in low quality and inferior reliability. Is it really like that?

Based on my years of experience on international trading, more and more western people realized the Chinese products have been growing in very healthy way. Chinese manufacturer gradually take transition from a labor intensive economy to a technology and knowledge intensive one will be critical in achieving product and process quality at par with western standards. They pay much attention on technology innovation and intensive production process and expertise in re-engineering, Chinese production facilities will scale up the quality of the products in line with benchmark global standards and best practices.

It not denied that quite a few proportions of Chinese products in low quality with lower price. This pressure is actually come out from buyer’s price pressure and competition. Everyone likes good products with less cost that is nature of humanity. But, as saying goes Without a sheep, there can be no wool — the benefit comes, after all, from a price one has paid. If you pay more, offer better.

However the concept of quality is well entrenched in developed markets and the consumers, historically are willing to pay a price premium for a specialized service or a product. The consumers there have an inherent sense of quality and perfectionism and will rarely compromise. Quality is a cultural milieu in these markets. This is the reason why western people always thinks European branded products are the best even though people knows the products are actually come from Chinese manufacturing.

Indeed, for those who prefer to purchase products, e.g. emergency lighting conversion kits in Europe, the communication and value added service might be one of major concerns. Instantly solve the technical problem or give enough support is more direct and effective. But in the end of Chinese manufacturers may take measures to narrow the gap and be proactive in service. As we see now most of China factory are offering 7-12 service to be reached by customer, actively communicate with them through various platforms. Use social media such as Linked in to engage with customers and discuss their concerns. Similarly another great way for actively communicating and engaging with customers who are coming onto your website is through live chat.

To purchase emergency conversion kits from China or Europe is a hot issue for many lighting distributor or lighting project manager, help yourself to make wise decision might rely on many factors. Let’s see how Chinese economic shift from manufacturing to services, and become reliable and stable for the foreseeable future. And then, do you really prefer to purchase from Europe i/o China?

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