• What are constant power LED emergency driver?

    Constant power LED emergency drivers to provide constant output power to the LED fixture during a power outage from its internal battery.

    They can be mounted as an external or internal driver based on the LED fixture’s requirement. Constant power LED emergency external drivers can be used on LED downlight, LED panel, among others. And internal constant power drivers can be used for LED tubes or ultra-thin trim-proof lamps.

  • Why Sanforce constant power LED emergency drivers?

    Sanforce LED emergency drivers are one of the most cost-efficient and reliable drivers on the market. They can be customized to the needs of your LED fixtures. Along with that, we offer a wide range of battery choices, accessories including auto testing functions, remote test switch, and casing to meet your power and safety needs. As such, Sanforce drivers can be customized for industrial, commercial, or residential facilities with varied surrounding conditions.

  • How to select constant power LED emergency drivers?

    You should select a constant power LED driver based on the power requirements of your LED fixture. Sanforce constant power LED drivers can be programmed to a wide range of output power Get in touch with our customer support by calling on +75589648670 or send your inquiry using the form below, so that one of our experts can suggest you LED emergency drivers that align with your requirements.

  • What are the benefits of using Constant Power Emergency Drivers?

    These are the benefits of using Constant Power Emergency Drivers.

    • Constant Power supplies a constant wattage to LED fixtures, providing a constant lumen output throughout the runtime, even the fixture switch to emergency mode.


    • It lasts longer in the emergency mode that helps individuals navigate their way in time of emergency or some dangerous situation.
  • Is constant Power LED Emergency driver best for your lighting system?

    Although constant power LED Emergency drivers are a bit expensive, they can supply a fixed amount of current and voltage to all types of LED Lights.


    Since customers don’t need to buy LED emergency drivers of various voltage and current outputs after acquiring constant power LED, they can save their money on inventories.


    Constant Power Emergency driver is a better option for lighting designers and manufacturers as it helps them convert LED Lights into non-maintained emergency lights easily.

Introducing the 2~4W 6~60V DC LED Panel Emergency Pack

With its cutting-edge technology, this emergency pack offers a multitude of benefits that ensure a seamless and uninterrupted power supply, even during unforeseen power outages. Maintaining a precise current output is crucial for the smooth functioning of any system, and this emergency pack excels in this regard. It ensures that your LED panel receives the exact amount of power it requires without compromising the stability of the entire system.

When power cuts occur, the emergency pack automatically activates, instantly providing backup power to your LED panel. This feature guarantees that your lighting remains operational, offering peace of mind and enhanced safety in critical situations. Safety is of paramount importance, and the 2~4W 6~60V DC LED Panel Emergency Pack takes this into account with its comprehensive protection functionality. It guards against reverse battery error and short circuit problems, safeguarding both your LED fixtures and the emergency pack itself.

To ensure easy monitoring and inspection, the emergency pack is equipped with a convenient test button. With a simple press, you can assess the operational status of the module, ensuring its readiness for any emergency. Versatility is a key aspect of this emergency pack. It seamlessly works with a variety of LED fixtures, providing flexibility and compatibility across different lighting systems.

Tailoring the intensity of the output is effortless with the dial-up code feature. Whether you need higher or lower light levels, this emergency pack allows you to customize the intensity according to your specific requirements. Rest assured that the 2~4W 6~60V DC LED Panel Emergency Pack complies with the highest industry standards. It has been certified by CE, RHoS, and EMC, attesting to its quality, safety, and reliability.

In summary, the 2~4W 6~60V DC LED Panel Emergency Pack offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for emergency lighting needs. Its seamless integration, precise current output, automatic activation during power cuts, protection functionality, versatile compatibility, customizable intensity, and industry certifications make it the ultimate choice for professionals seeking a reliable emergency power supply for LED panel lighting systems. Trust this state-of-the-art emergency pack to provide uninterrupted illumination when you need it the most.

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