• What are fluorescent emergency ballasts?

    Normal fluorescent ballast supply power to start the light and keep it illuminating by regulating main (AC) power to the lighting source. However, fluorescent emergency ballasts come integrated with an internal battery that powers the lighting fixture (fluorescent tube) for a certain period in case the mains go off.

  • How to choose the appropriate fluorescent emergency ballast?

    Selecting the appropriate fluorescent emergency ballast depends on a variety of factors. But here are some of the most essential factors that you should consider:
    1. Backup time
    Backup time is the estimated hours you want your fluorescent lights to run on battery power backup. This is directly proportional to the capacity of the battery to be installed on the emergency drivers.
    If you are in countries where power outages are rampant and extend for hours, then you should opt for emergency drivers that have greater battery capacities.
    2. Lamp type
    Every lamp has a special power requirement. Some lights require constant current, and some others may require constant voltage. Check your lights backend or the cartoon for its power requirements.
    Although many fluorescent emergency ballasts will be compatible with common lamps like F17T8, F25T8, F32T8, F28T8, and U-bent versions of the same light, ensuring the compatibility beforehand is highly recommended. If you are unsure, you should seek an expert’s advice.
    3. Temperature requirement
    Lamps require specific external and internal temperatures for functioning normally, and drivers/ballasts play an essential role in regulating it. Refer to the lamp’s specifications for this information, and if you are not able to figure it out, seek an expert’s advice.
    4. Surrounding to be installed:
    Consider the surroundings in which the light is/will be installed. If the egress is to be installed in a damp or a location that is prone to water splashes – than you need an emergency driver that has a higher level of protection from water and dust. If the fixture is to be installed in an extremely hot location, then you need a driver that can operate in those temperatures.

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