LED emergency lights for wet locations

LED emergency lighting is important for you for your work continuity by providing illumination to a work location. LED technology is being used in modern lighting systems as LEDs are highly energy-efficient and help businesses cut down electricity bills. LED emergency lights are also being used to enhance safety in areas where required so that the evacuation of the building can be done in emergency cases.

For your emergency lighting needs, you might require to install LED emergency lights in different locations. Sometimes, the circumstance might force you to install LED emergency lights in wet locations which are not considered favourable environments for electrical components. More cautious and particular consideration is required for wet location emergency light.

What type of location comes under wet locations?

The location can be considered as a wet location for lighting if the location is regularly exposed to water because of rain dripping or any other reasons. The wet location can be inside or outside your business building or premises. The wet location can put the electrical components of your LED emergency lights in danger. So, it is crucial for you to select LED emergency lights that are specifically designed for such wet locations.

For choosing LED emergency lights for wet locations cautiously, you need to consider several factors which we will discuss in this article.

Factors to be considered for wet location LED lighting

Zones based on the type of wet locations

The kind of LED emergency light bulb you require depends on the type of wet location where you need to install the bulb. To help business owners understand and choose the kind of LED emergency light bulb they require for their specific locations, the wet locations have been classified into zones: Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Zone 0 indicates those locations or areas where an LED bulb is exposed to a high amount of water. For example; inside the shower or the bath.

Zone 1 indicates those locations or areas where an LED bulb is exposed to water splashes occasionally. Such areas can get wet for a long time when some activity is done. They get wet similar to areas right above the bath (around 2.25 m from the floor).

Zone 2 indicates those areas or locations that get wet similar to the bathroom area of the same height as that of Zone 1 but at a distance of around 0.6 m from the bath.

So, you have to know what zone the location where you are trying to install LED belongs to and choose the LED emergency light fixtures that are designed for that particular zone.

IP ratings of LED emergency light bulbs

IP (Ingress Protection) rating is used as an international classification system for classifying the protection provided by an enclosure or case of an electrical device against dust, water, intrusion and accidental contact.

IP rating codes are expressed by writing IP followed by two digits; IP67, for example. The first digit indicates the level of protection of the device against solid whereas the second digit indicates the level of protection of the device against liquid.

The LED emergency light bulbs with IP ratings of IP65, IP66 and IP67 are designed as wet location LED lighting bulbs and they can be used in wet locations. The first digit 6 in the above IP ratings indicates that the LED bulbs are dustproof and are completely protected from dust.

The second digit 5 in IP65 LED bulbs indicates that they are protected against water jets or water from hose pipes in any direction. The second digit 6 in IP66 LED bulbs indicates that they are protected against heavy seas or powerful water jets. Similarly, the second digit 7 in IP67 LED bulbs indicates that they are protected against immersion in water under a certain time and pressure range.

Choose IP65 LED emergency light bulbs if you want to install them in zone 1 whereas you have to choose IP67 LED emergency light bulbs for zone 0 since they are immersion-proof for a certain time.

Final Words

We hope that these pieces of information will help you to select the right wet location LED light fixtures for emergency lighting needs and optimize your investment.

If you need more information regarding this or anything about emergency lighting, you can contact us. The Sanforce expert team will be more than happy to help and guide you in selecting the right LED emergency light fixtures or LED emergency drivers for existing fixtures. Sanforce is a one-stop solution for all emergency lighting needs that offer complete emergency lighting services in the UK and other parts of the world.

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