Constant Power

Sanforce constant power LED emergency drivers offer a higher level of operational flexibility and are suitable to maintain constant power for LED lamps with different driver types. These LED emergency drivers are capable of regulating voltage and current required by an LED light automatically.

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2~4W 6~60V DC LED Panel Emergency Pack

  • Compatible with a wide range of LED fixtures
  • Operates on emergency power output range of 2W -4W
  • Integrated with Li-ion battery & emergency inverter
  • Maximum constant output for a minimum of 90 minutes
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3W 6-60V DC LED Downlight Emergency Conversion Kit

  • Conversion pack that operates on 6 – 60 Volts range
  • Fixed constant emergency power 3W output
  • Equipped with 4-way fused terminal block
  • High quality of Ni-CD rechargeable battery with 3 years life.
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3W 6-60V DC LED Downlight Emergency Pack

  • Compatible with most LEDs comes with fixed emergency output power
  • Compatible with dimmable & non-dimmable constant current LED driver
  • Integrated with emergency inverter and NICD D4000 battery
  • Cost & power efficient with 3W, 3-hour emergency power output
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Sanforce constant power emergency drivers are appropriate for LED lights that require either constant current LED emergency drivers or constant voltage LED emergency drivers – because its intelligent driver can adjust voltage as well as current automatically. And because of such a capability, they help in reducing maintaining inventories for various types of drivers.

We offer constant LED emergency drivers in various power configuration, battery types, battery capacities as well as casings to adjust to IP rating requirements. They are ideal for installing in outdoor or indoor premises and are built to protect from surge, dust or water when combined with appropriate encasing.

Suitable for wholesale or retail, these LED emergency drivers are appropriate for LED lamps with external drivers and go well with LED downlight, LED panel lights, among others. Check individual product for application details.

Not sure which one of these LED emergency drivers is appropriate for your lighting requirement? Get in touch with us today and one of our LED emergency driver experts will be more than glad to help you.