Fluorescent Light Ballast | FMO series

Sanforce® emergency conversion kits for fluorescent tubes are customized for fluorescent lamps such as T5/T8and PL. Like our other emergency kits, our FMO series come equipped with an inverter, battery pack and all the necessary accessories to get the emergency light into action as soon as the mains go off. This intelligent series is programmed to recharge the batteries and converting current when and as required and can be adjusted to varying needs of power to the lamps.

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4~70W 1000V Dimmable Fluorescent Emergency Ballast

  • Compliant with T5/8W to T8/70W LED Panel
  • Compliant with wide range (5-98W ) Fluorescent lamps
  • Adjustable output power between 4W to 8W
  • Compatible with electronic & magnetic ballast
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Our emergency conversion kits for fluorescent lights are adjustable to low to high voltages and are compliant with T5/8W to T8/70W panel emergency lightings. Their power output supply can be customized anything between 4W to 8W and depending on the output, the batter offers power between 30 minutes to 4 hours. The kits can be adjusted to various types of building in the UK and around the world. The kit is equipped with short circuit protection at the terminal and polarity reversal protection for the battery and is compatible with electronic or magnetic ballast. The module can be adjusted for using NiCad or NiMH rechargeable batteries – both of which come with a 2 years life cycle. Get in touch to discuss your needs or order samples of our FMO series today.