Nowadays, More and more People realized the importance of fire protection and emergency lighting facility? But what is the basic requirements from government and necessary measures we should follow up?

Each country may have different provisions of fire emergency facility, In general, it shall conform to the following provisions:

1.Lowest level in aisle, evacuation of the ground illumination of not less than 0.5Lx;

2, densely populated places in the ground a minimum illumination of not less than 1Lx

3, the stairwell to the ground minimum illumination of not less than 5Lx

4, fire control rooms and fire-fighting water pump station, for generator, power distribution rooms, smoke and smoke room still needs work and fire other fire emergency lighting of the room, should guarantee the normal lighting levels.

5, fire emergency lighting should be installed in the walls of the upper, ceiling or on top of the export. Emergency lights must be ensured that the measures are in place. The extent of emergency lights various with different premises.? The main concern with emergency lights is such that there is sufficient lighting for the entire place so that everyone can get to the exit point safely.

6, setting up lights evacuation signs shall conform to the following provisions:

◆Emergency exits and evacuation over the door should be used “exit” signs;

◆Lighting evacuation signs along the evacuation, evacuation walkways and corners should be set below the height of 1 meter wall, evacuation signs and lights spacing should not be greater than 20 meters,

◆Pocket corridor should not be more than 10 m, in the corner area, should not be greater than 1 m.

◆Set the emergency lights on the ground, should ensure that the perspective of continuous and spacing should not exceed 5 m.

Most residential occupancies and public area are now facilitating the residents with emergency lighting and fire-protection facilities. This can make life easy for both the owner and the tenants. Offices have a continuous power supply back-up to work efficiently without any delays. The uninterrupted power supply can make life at home or office more?fruitful. Steps have been taken by large organizations, banks, civil departments and by the State to incorporate a back-up power supply system in their infrastructure. This can ensure that even when there is a catastrophe and the entire town is down trodden and struck by a complete back out; the lighting system will not fail. This system can even be installed in hazardous areas where there is always a high risk factor for sudden power failure.

Emergency lighting systems can come in single, grouped or central battery systems. They allow limited luminance to restricted objects and ensure that power is supplied in minimum time. The emergency lights consist of a battery, charging and ?emergency control gear.

Turn it on and off according to specific personal needs. You can set up?the auto turn-on and?turn-off timings to fit your requirements. This amazing facility has recently become very popular with people from all walks of life to prevent us from danger.

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