Who We Are

Sanforce Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is dedicated to manufacture emergency conversion kits for LED and fluorescent lighting.

Since 2008, Sanforce has been focusing intensively on reliable, affordable, and well-designed products. By 2015, Sanforce set up distribution offices in The Netherland and Australia, which offer various solutions that customers can easily access and help customer to extend the service.

Sanforce aims to be long term strategic partners to help you grow your sales and optimize your profitability, and provide you stylish products at reasonable prices.

From training and support on how to select products for a specific application, through to the provision of routine on-site testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems, you can be sure that Sanforce is ready to support you, whatever your needs.

What We Do

As a professional emergency conversion kits manufacturer, Sanforce Technology designs, manufactures and marketing the products with optimal solutions to meet customer's specific requirement.

We cooperate with valuable supply chain such as Rubycon, ON semiconductor. IR…,inspects all the incoming materials and apply some technical equipment, such as SMT, Auto Aging test, Simulation test during our production process.

Above all, makes us deliver qualified products and offer more than 3 years of warranty. Sanforce has developed various products for customer worldwide which is including:

1. Emergency conversion kits for LED tube, LED panel light, LED down lights and other LED light applications
2. Emergency driver for fluorescent tubes T8 and T5 covering 14-58w
3. High temperature NiCD and NiMH battery pack for emergency system
4. Emergency lighting, exit lighting

Want Work With Us?

8 Years of experience has given us the ability to look at your order from a completely unique vantage point.

The project which we develop and execute a campaign differentiate us from other factory in our industry. This is due to
unique set of requirements that we hold ourselves to each on every project.

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