I always go to market place to buy some fresh fruit. Last Saturday morning, I passed by a stall where is full with Hami melon, Several people were picking or tasting the melon around the stall. The stall holder looks like a Uygur man.Then I asked him“ How much is it?”.  The man said It is 10 RMB per kilogram.

 “Wow, this is almost 2 times expensive than other Hami melon produced in Hainan or Guangxi province.”I said, “Sir, why do you sell so high price?” The vendor did not say anything, but just cut a piece of melon and asked me to try.

it’s so sweet,so tasty and fresh that I had never known Hami melon could be so delicious.

As I was in thinking, The Uygur man handed over tissue to me and asked if I need to wipe mouth, How surprised was I? The Uygur man get prepared tissues for customer in marketplace??!! At the moment, I was moved completely and I did not want to bargain in further, just decided to get one. Suddenly I also understood why he can sell the Hami melon with so high price.

  Nowadays, We always face challenge to sell products , Is it really so hard to do business and win markets? Is the only way to beat competitors with lowest price?

The answer is definitely false.

I think I should ask myself for several question and act in place since today.

1) Who is your target market clearly, What is your core product and what is your selling point of the product? To found out what should be differential from other enterprises, to be UNIQUE ( Like the Hami melon from Xinjiang is extraordinary sweet and fresh.)

2) To focus on the advantage of our own product, high quality of product is the core competitiveness.( Like the Hami melon produced in Xinjiang with superb tasty)

3) To provide customer-oriented service, be professional on the communication in email, quotation, after-sales..etc, Enable customer to be free of problems and  relieved. ( Learnt from the vendor to prepare tissues for customer who is asked to try melon)

From this story, How do you think and what will you do?

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