LED is the most energy-efficient lighting technology of today and it is replacing other lighting alternatives. With the use of modern LEDs for emergency lighting, businesses can cut energy costs, reduce maintenance burden and gain other benefits.

LED technology is already impressive with its energy efficiency and durability. However, LED technology has become even smarter than it was as LED lights are coming with intelligent features.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits that you can achieve by switching to intelligent LED emergency lights.

Benefits of Intelligent LED Emergency Lights


1. Work Continuity

If your business work requires illumination, then LED emergency lights are highly beneficial.

Such lights provide illumination even when there is a disruption in the main power supply due to rain, thunder, or any other causes.

The emergency lights contain a rechargeable battery in them which powers LED lamps. The emergency battery pack comes with different types of batteries.

Also, LED emergency lights are energy-efficient as there is no need for heating the external load like a filament in the case of LEDs. LED illuminates directly from the source.

So, using LED emergency lights will help businesses to continue operation at minimum energy costs.

2. Automatic self-testing functionality

An Intelligent LED emergency light system features an automatic self-testing function. They contain a microprocessor chip that is programmed to perform different testing procedures to make sure that the emergency battery and lamp are functioning at their optimum level.

Due to this feature, there won’t be a need for manual testing of an emergency light system and this limits the chances of human error. This also minimizes the time needed to perform regular testing though general site maintenance is still required.

The condition of the LED indicators of all emergency points will be visually inspected with automatic self-testing. The smart automatic self-testing also protects the batteries by ensuring that they will not be discharged unnecessarily and helps to minimize potential over-testing.

This also simplifies testing, maintenance, and documentation and thus helps minimize the compliance issue for facility managers. Automatic intelligent self-testing emergency lamps can be programmed to meet compliance standards.

3. Enhances safety

Emergency LED lights are used in commercial and industrial sectors for critical and life-saving roles. They are set in building settings for emergency evacuation and fire safety.

In case of failure in the main power supply due to any reason, LED emergency lights will provide bright illumination to direct the people out of the building safely.

So, such emergency lights used for critical purposes must be effective. Proper regular maintenance and testing are required for emergency lights to be effective.

The intelligent or smart LED emergency lights are capable of providing effective emergency lighting solutions as they are capable of detecting the problem if there is in battery, light source, or charger.

Intelligent LED emergency light technology goes beyond showing the direction to people out of the building in case of emergencies.

They help people be safe from hitting any potentially dangerous items like furniture, heavy equipment, etc., and becoming injured.

4. Remote Control Access

One of the intelligent features of a smart emergency LED system is remote-controlled lights. By tapping a few buttons, you can adjust the brightness and color of LED lamps as your requirement.

With remote control access, you can dim the LED lamps or increase their brightness and also set the color of lights based on the mood.

5. Self-charging functionality

Emergency LED lights come with a rechargeable battery. They get charged in presence of the main power supply and LED lamps to light up automatically in absence of the main power supply.

Intelligent LED emergency lighting system has a robust self-charging functionality that ensures that the battery doesn’t get overcharged and provides illumination effectively.

Self-charging LED emergency lights can also be used as a temporary flashlight that can show the way in case of blackouts.

6. Sensing Technology

Intelligent smart emergency LED light system has sensing abilities. They are able to sense the changes in the amount of light available. As such, the LED light bulbs are turned on when dusk sets in and they automatically turn off once the sun comes up.

So, this ability makes such emergency lights the hassle-free way for the illumination of your facility. You don’t have to worry about not turning them off when not required and you can cut your electricity bills.

Also, there are intelligent emergency LED lights that have the motion-sensing ability. Such lights illuminate as soon as the movement is detected by them.

So, this will help to detect the presence of criminal intruders who are trying to hide in darkness. With the use of such motion-sensing LED lights, you can make your facility safer and secure.


Emergency LED lights have become common these days though the presence of intelligent features in them is still not that common.

However, with the progress of time, we will be able to see a large number of businesses using intelligent LED emergency lights.

Start enjoying the benefits of LED emergency lights if you haven’t yet. If your LED lighting system is not emergency, then you can convert your regular LED lights to emergency conveniently with the use of an emergency light conversion kit.

Remember Sanforce for quality emergency light conversion kits and other emergency lighting products.

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