• What are emergency lighting battery packs?

    Emergency lighting battery packs also referred to as emergency power packs are a reliable source for an uninterruptible power supply for your emergency lights during a sudden power outage. Sanforce emergency lighting battery packs ensure continuous readiness and operation of the emergency lights when they are required the most. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, the circuitry within the emergency light charges the battery and ensures that the light comes to life when the main power supply goes down during power outage.

  • Why Sanforce emergency lighting battery packs?

    Sanforce emergency lighting battery packs are environment-friendly and are certified by leading certifying authorities like the CE. Fully recyclable, they have higher load capacity and charge holding capacities and come with a warranty period. While the warranty period differs from one battery pack type to another battery pack, the capacity of our battery packs are verifiable. We partner with leading emergency battery packs manufacturer like the JJJ battery for sourcing our battery packs. Our expertise in emergency lighting manufacturing gives us an upper hand when it comes to manufacturing and supplying battery packs. We supply three main types of emergency battery packs around the globe: Li-Ion battery packs, Ni-Mh battery packs, and the Ni-Cd battery packs. We work with leading supply chain and the components used in our products are supplied by reliable and quality brands. Our semiconductors are supplied by leading brands such as ON Semiconductors and IR Semiconductors from USA and Rubycon from Japan. Our QC process involves rigorous inspections of all the incoming materials. These materials and our end products go through various types of testing such as the SMT, Auto Aging test, simulation test during and after the production process completes.

  • Types of emergency lighting battery packs that Sanforce supplies
    • Li-Ion (Lithium-ion) batteries for emergency lights

    Sanforce offers Li-ion batteries exclusively designed for emergency lights. Because of their high trickle charge capacity, Li-ion batteries work efficiently even at temperatures as high as 60C. Since these battery packs can handle and deliver higher power to appliances, the Li-ion batteries are ideal for power tools that demand big capacity with lighter weight.

    • Ni-Mh (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) batteries for emergency lights

    Nickel-Metal-Hydride (Ni Mh) emergency lighting battery packs are an earth-friendly option. This rechargeable battery provides useable voltage during the entire discharge, allowing you to experience peak performance every time you use the battery. These battery packs which can be fitted with a remote also, deliver consistent power to emergency lighting sources when needed.

    • Ni-Cd (Nickel-Cadmium Battery) emergency lighting battery packs

    Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd or NiCad) batteries are suitable for emergency lighting equipment as per IEC 60598-2-22. It has high energy storage density, lighter and more compact than lead-acid- batteries. Because of such characteristics, it is preferred as a backup power source for emergency lighting when size and weight are the key selection factors. Along with that, these batteries have a lower self-discharge rate and long cycle life than Ni-Mh batteries.

    Despite the differences, all of these three battery types are capable of converting and storing electricity and powering the emergency lights when the mains supply fails. As a major component of emergency lights, you should choose battery packs based on your specific requirements and conditions. Along with that, the life of any battery packs is shorter than the emergency power driver and as such, should be replaced every three years. Though emergency lights come equipped with battery packs, you can order batteries separately also.

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