• How do Self-Testing Emergency Lights work?

    As the name suggests, the self-testing emergency lights test themselves. It means you don’t have to manually examine time and again whether the battery and lamp in your emergency fixtures are working properly.


    The self-testing mechanism inside the emergency light conversion kits carries out this job automatically, ensuring that your lights are fully operational.


    The self-testing system comes integrated with intelligent warning technology that sends a visual and audible warning if it detects any problem during the testing operation.


    It replaces the need for manual testing carried out monthly and weekly, providing you with a more cost-effective solution.

  • What are the benefits of using Self-Testing Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits?

    These are the benefits of using self-testing emergency lighting conversion kits for your lighting requirement.


    Easy to Install: You can install it easily without using key switches or data cables.


    Convenient: The self-testing mechanism carries out the mandatory test without disrupting the normal use of the building.


    Reduced Maintenance Time: If a self-testing system detects any fault, it sends out the audio and visual signals, making it easy for the maintenance personnel to highlight fault. The maintenance staff shouldn’t have to walk around the building searching for the faults, which saves a lot of their time.


    Cost Saving:  Since the maintenance personnel don’t have to initiate the test and inspect every lighting luminaire, it saves maintenance costs. Their role will only be limited to rectify faults and re-set the system after the self-testing mechanism identifies the fault.

  • What Certificate does the Sanforce Self-Test Emergency Light Conversion Kit hold?

    Sanforce offers self-test emergency light conversion kits accredited by CE, EMC, RoHS, and SASO for usage and safety standards. If you want to have a close inspection of our certificates, download them from our Factory page. 

  • Where Can I buy the Self-Test Emergency Light Conversion Kit?

    As a leading manufacturer of self-test emergency light conversion kits and other light accessories, we supply all the small or big orders to every nook and corner of the world.


    You can reach out to us via our website contact page and request a no-obligation quote. You can also download the catalogue of our products and view the detailed specification.


    We also provide free consultation for your lighting project needs to determine the right type of accessories for your lighting solution. Now with our live chat feature, this will be easier for you.


    Once we understand your needs, we would be more than pleased to send you a sample and talk about further business.

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