Smart Emergency Module for LED TUBESF-ZLZD-E30WP02

  • SF-ZLZD-E30WP02 LED emergency driver has self testing system with low emergency power, specially applied to LED tube.This product is controlled by a built-in IC, which can conduct regular self-test and fault alarm. It is constant emergency power varied from 1-3W. It can automatically match the voltage and adjust the output current to maintain the output power when connecting different lamps, The same emergency time can be guaranteed without replacing the battery.

Range of Application

  1. Applicable to led tube with both of normal operation and emergency function. The maximum emergency output power can reach 3W, and the emergency time is 1 to 3 hours.
  2. The output voltage can be set between 20V and 300V, and the output power can be adjusted between 1W and 3W. 
  3. It can be used at -10℃ – +70℃ ambient temperature by using high temperature battery.

Product Specifications

Inner package materialflame retardant ABS
Main power supplyAC220V~AC240V,50HZ/60HZ;
Emergency timeMore than 90 minutes
Emergency switching timeLess than 0.5Sec;
Charging time24H
Emergency output current<100mA
Emergency output voltage (maximum)<300V
Emergency output voltage (minimum)20V
Emergency power (adjustable)<3W After setting, the power is constant, and the voltage and
current are automatically adjusted
Battery voltage3.7V(3~4.2V)
Battery discharge protection voltage3V
Main power LED displayGreen light
Charging LED displayRed light
Fault led displayYellow light
Monthly inspection (30 days)30~180S
Annual inspection (365 days)>30min
Inverter size146×30×25mm
Battery modelLi-ion18650 2200mAH
Weight of single product55g


  • Cost-effective
  • Built-in battery,small size
  • Applicable for LED TUBE with internal driver
  • Self checking capability

Diagram for LED tube:

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