• What is a fluorescent light conversion kit?

    A fluorescent light conversion kit or Fluorescent to LED conversion kit is the kit that allows you to switch your fluorescent lighting to LED without the replacement of your existing troffers. This kit contains everything you require for the conversion. This kit contains LED tubes and all necessary wirings for installation.

    Such conversion kits are available for different types of fluorescent light: troffers, standalone and wraps. They make the conversion easy and all you have to consider is the size of the light that you prefer to purchase. Buyers usually consider T8 or T12 sizes for a fluorescent light conversion kit.

  • Is it worth converting fluorescent light to LED?

    Absolutely. There are many benefits of LEDs and LED lighting is the latest trend. LEDs are highly energy-efficient as they produce more useful lumens and less waste light than other lighting options. Due to LEDs being energy-efficient, you can cut the electricity bills of your home, office, school or other facilities. In LED bulbs, light is emitted directly from the source and so they require less wattage saving energy.

    Businesses can save big money by replacing all fluorescent tubes or fixtures with LEDs. If the business replaces its 100 fluorescent fixtures where each fixture contains 2 tubes with LEDs, it can save more than $5000 a year. If even more fixtures are replaced with LEDs, then the savings would be even higher.

    That’s not all the benefits there are. LEDs are durable and have a longer life span than fluorescent and other lighting options. They are free from toxic chemicals and can be easily disposed of as they are recyclable. They are more environment-friendly and contribute towards the minimisation of global carbon emissions.

  • How to convert the fluorescent light system to LED?

    One of the easiest ways to convert the fluorescent light system to LED is to purchase a fluorescent to LED conversion kit and install LED lights which can be LED magnetic strip lights in existing fluorescent troffers or other types.

  • How to install a fluorescent conversion kit to convert fluorescent to LED?

    The conversion kit contains the necessary items and devices for the conversion. The kit generally contains a driver, LED lights (can be LED strips), DC input wire harness, wire nuts, and screws for fastening LED strips to fixtures.

    Before beginning retrofitting process, you have to ensure that the power to the fixture that you are working is turned off. Remove the cover on the troffer of your existing fixture if there is. Then, remove the existing fluorescent tubes and also the ballast cover.

    Next, get rid of any wires that lead to the ballast and then remove the ballast. Now, you have to attach the LED driver and LED strips. After you adjust the driver and strips, strip the power wires to prepare for retrofit.

    Then, connect the driver output to the stripped power wires with the help of available wire nuts. Next, you have to connect the driver input to the kit lines with a wire harness.

    After you ensure that driver and strips are in the exact place, you can fasten them to the troffer. Reattach the ballast cover and replace the cover of the troffer.

  • Why to buy a fluorescent to LED conversion kit from Sanforce?

    Sanforce offers quality and cost-effective fluorescent to LED conversion kits to convert your various types of fluorescent light systems to LEDs. The products you buy from Sanforce meet safety standards and are certified.

    We offer the best fluorescent light conversion kits currently available in the market. Sanforce is the leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of LED emergency light products.

  • Are Sanforce products certified?

    Yes, our products are certified and meet necessary safety standards. Our product certifications include CE, RoHs, EMC, SASO and others. You can check and view these certificates by downloading them from the “Our Factory” page of the official site of Sanforce.

  • Does Sanforce offer customised fluorescent light conversion kits?

    Yes, Sanforce sells not only readymade but also customised emergency lighting products. Let us know if you require customised fluorescent light conversion kits or any other LED lighting products.

  • How can I contact Sanforce? Where does Sanforce supply their lighting products?

    You can contact us by visiting our official site and requesting a quote. All you have to do is fill up the form available on our Contact Us page and submit the form. The quote request is free with no obligation. We can send our sample if you are interested in placing a bulk order of our LED lighting products.

    Sanforce supplies its lighting products to different parts of the world including the UK, the UAE and others. Let us know where you want us to supply lighting products. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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