• How do Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Tubes work?

    The emergency Lighting Fluorescent Tubes are powered by the alternating voltage source from a lighting circuit.  And in the event of power cuts, the emergency light turns on and illuminates the surrounding area. Its working mechanism is as same as the emergency light.

    The fluorescent emergency ballasts come integrated with an internal battery that gets charged during the main supply and transmit the power to the tube when the light goes off temporarily.

  • What are the advantages of using Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Tubes?

    There are so many advantages of using Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Tubes. These tubes are environmentally friendly and provide the best light for interior lighting. They come with desired colour temperature and throws diffused light, reducing harsh shadows.

  • Can I replace fluorescent tubes with LED?

    Yes, but the LED tubes or LED integrated fixtures must be compatible with the existing emergency lighting fluorescent ballast in the fixture. If this is all right, simply fit the LED tube light in place of fluorescent after removing it.

  • Why are ballasts needed?

    When exposed to excessive current, the molecules inside the fluorescent tube (mixture of argon and mercury vapor) can burn out or possibly catch fire. So to avoid this and keep the flow of current steady, ballasts are needed. 

  • Which is better LED or fluorescent?

    In terms of energy efficiency, fluorescent tubes are better than halogen lamps and incandescent light bulbs. However, fluorescent tubes cannot keep up with LED tubes’ sustainability as the latter saves up to 85% of energy with the same light output as fluorescent.

  • What are the Causes of Ballast Failure?

    The surrounding environment is the primary cause of premature ballast failure. Especially when it’s too cold or too hot, the ballast can burn and stop working.

    The heat combined with prolonged condensation can cause corrosion inside electronic ballast. And to avoid it, you must use a UL-rated ballast that can withstand any condition, be it excessive heat or cold.

    The Sanforce Emergency Ballast for Fluorescent tubes can handle very high and low temperatures of your local climate. So feel safe to buy our products.

  • What is the ballast factor?

    Simply put, a ballast factor is a number between 0.70 and 1.2 that gives you an idea of how much light a tube will emit through that ballast. 

  • How to calculate the Ballast Factor of Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Tube?

    There is a simple process of calculating a ballast factor in an Emergency Lighting Fluorescent Tube. All you have to do is divide the lumen output of a fluorescent tube-ballast combination by the lumen output of the same tube on a reference ballast.

    For instance, a ballast factor of <1 indicates that your fluorescent tube will emit less light (also called lumens) than the reference ballast.

    Similarly, a ballast factor of >1 signifies your fluorescent system will produce more light.

  • How do you bypass emergency ballasts?

    The process of bypassing ballast is as easy as ABC. Here are the steps you need to follow.

    1. Turn off the mains. Simply flipping the light switch may not end the current flow.
    2. Locate your ballasts and remove the hot and neutral wires.
    3. Get rid of the socket lead wires
    4. Take out the Ballast and connect input wires to output wires.
  • How do I know if my emergency ballast is bad?

    If the ballast is defective, the multimeter needle will not move. If the ballast is in working condition, the multimeter needle sweeps to the right across the multimeter’s display. If required, replace the ballasts. All you have to do is to replace the fluorescent light fixture’s ballast cover.

  • How long do emergency ballast last?

    Emergency ballasts are equipped with a rechargeable battery and circuitry that provide backup power to a fixture during power outages, illuminating an area for 90 minutes.

  • Do you manufacture custom emergency lighting fluorescent tube?

    Yes. Sanforce can manufacture custom emergency fluorescent ballasts for various lighting systems as per your project needs.

    We ship custom-tailored emergency ballasts across the globe at an affordable price. Just write us your specification on quotation mail and our team will approach you for further details.

    We can deliver your module within just 15 days of order maintaining high customization standards and calculated inspection. After all, it’s our responsibility to provide our customers with durable and efficient solutions for their lighting needs.


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