When it comes to an emergency lighting warehouse, selecting LED emergency lighting can offer you a number of benefits. LEDs are being used in modern lighting units and systems because of their valuable advantages over conventional incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and metal-halide lamps.

In this article, we will discuss why you should consider converting your warehouse lighting to LED warehouse lighting.

Reasons for Using LEDs in Your Warehouse

1. LEDs are energy-efficient.

In an LED, the light gets emitted from the source and there is no need to power a separate filament or any load to emit light. So, LEDs require much less power and save energy. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs consume at least 75% less energy. LEDs are even more energy-efficient than CFLs.

If you use an LED emergency light system in your warehouse, then you can cut your electricity bills.

2. Long lifespan of LEDs

Another big advantage of using LEDs over other commercial lighting options is the long lifespan of LEDs. On average, LED bulbs are extremely long-lasting and can last 50,000 operating hours or more.

The lifespan of many LEDs is approximately 50 times more than that of a conventional incandescent bulb, 8 to 10 times more than that of a typical fluorescent lamp and 25 times more than a typical halogen bulb.

So, by applying LED lighting solutions for the warehouse, you can greatly reduce your maintenance costs and costs for replacing parts.

3. Little to no warm-up time.

LED light bulbs reach their full brightness instantly after they are turned on. They have little to no warm-up time, unlike metal halide lamps. Metal halide lamps reach their full brightness after 15 or 20 minutes after they are turned on.

You might have seen some sports stadiums turning on their lights well before when they are needed at the end of the afternoon since they use such metal halide lamps having warm-up time. But this is not the case with LED bulbs. So, major sports stadiums are replacing metal halide lamps with LEDs.

Using LED emergency lighting in your warehouse, you won’t have the issue of warm-up time and you don’t have to turn them on earlier than when they are actually needed.

4. Dim Lighting Feature of LEDs

Another advantage of using LEDs in your warehouse is the dimming capability. By installing specific hardware to LEDs, they can have the feature of dimming. Such hardware is readily available and convenient to install.

The benefit of using a dimming feature of LEDs is that they become even more efficient by operating at less than full power. Also, the lifespan of LEDs increases by operating them at less than full power.

Such advantages are not there with other commercial lighting options like metal halides as they either are unable to dim or become less efficient when operated at low power.

So, using the dimming feature of LEDs, you can manage emergency warehouse lighting intelligently and save even more money.

5. Capable of frequent switching

LEDs are capable of frequent switching as needed without causing issues. There is a problem with frequent switching with other lighting options like metal halides.

Once metal halide lamps are turned off, it takes around 15 minutes to turn them back on. So, because of this problem, they have to be operated for a longer period than actually required.

LEDs can be turned off and turned back on instantaneously with no risk issues and no degradation in the illumination or lighting system. Thus if you use LEDs for lighting warehouse, you can save more energy and don’t have to compromise the lifespan of a device by not running lights when not required.

6. LED emergency lighting is safer.

One of the most overlooked advantages of using LED emergency lighting is improved safety. The major hazard with lighting is heat emission.

The heat emission of LEDs is a lot less than that of incandescent or halogen lamps. Incandescent bulbs convert more than 90% of input power into heat and only 10% is used for light production.

So, because of less heat emission of LEDs, they can be considered a safer lighting option for your warehouse. They are safer in situations when something goes wrong.

Final Words

Because of the reasons discussed above, you should consider using LED emergency lighting for your warehouse. Apart from what was discussed above, there are other benefits of LEDs too such as being more environment-friendly, being able to be operated on low voltage, having design flexibility, and others.

LED emergency lighting is increasingly common in industrial and commercial lighting as it provides improved and better solutions for industries, firms, and companies to keep their electricity bills and maintenance costs under control. You can also save money by making a switch to LED warehouse lighting.

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