• What are emergency light conversion kits?

    An emergency lighting conversion kit is a package that consists of a battery, an inverter, and necessary accessories. In case the main power supply cuts off, the inverter automatically switches the power supply to battery and the inverter supplies direct current to the light source – an LED, halogen bulb or a fluorescent tube.

    By adding the emergency light conversion kit to any existing lighting source, it can be converted into an non-maintained emergency light. Compared to installing maintained emergency lights, converting existing luminaries into emergency lights by retrofitting them with emergency conversion kits are cost and space-efficient.

    Sanforce emergency lighting kits are suitable for converting existing lights fittings to emergency operations, providing a sensible solution at the time of power cutoff. We supply a wide range of power interruption emergency kits in bulk that is suitable for converting existing light fittings to emergency operations.

  • What is an emergency driver?

    An emergency driver is a combination of a driver that regulates power to an LED fixture or halogen bulb or fluorescent kit and a battery that provides power to the fixture when the main power supply is down.

    The only difference between a normal LED driver and an emergency LED driver is that, the latter operates through a battery and provides direct current (DC) to the fixture when the main power supply is off.


  • How does an emergency driver work?

    An emergency driver like other emergency conversion kits come fitted with a rechargeable battery pack and a conversion kit that converts and stores the current in the battery. The driver switches to battery mode when the main power supply goes off. Such an arrangement helps to prevent people from panicking when the main lights go off during a power outage.

  • How to select an emergency driver?

    Selecting an emergency driver depends upon your emergency lighting needs. If you live in a place with frequent power cut-offs, you need a driver with power backup for long time and if not, you can choose accordingly. It really depends upon your needs to select the emergency driver that you want.

  • What type of lights are supported for conversion?

    Sanforce emergency conversion kits support a wide range of lights, be it LED and compact fluorescent light sources with differing voltage supply.

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