• What are Fluorescent Emergency kits?

    Fluorescent emergency kits are emergency drivers that convert a normal fluorescent luminaire into an emergency fluorescent luminaire. That’s why fluorescent emergency kits are also known as conversion kits. They are for fluorescent lights what LED emergency ballasts are for LED lights.

  • What is the use of fluorescent emergency kits?

    If you have a fluorescent lighting system in your business buildings or anywhere, a fluorescent emergency kit with fluorescent emergency ballast is a great option to convert it into an emergency lighting system for business work continuity. You can use such kits to make existing fluorescent emergency light fixtures operate in emergency battery mode when there is a disruption in the main power supply.

  • How does fluorescent emergency ballast works?

    When there is a disruption in the main power supply, fluorescent emergency ballast senses the power failure and it gets immediately switched to emergency mode to illuminate the fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent emergency ballast converts any normal fluorescent lamp into fluorescent emergency light.

    Once the main power supply is restored, the ballast gets automatically recharged so that it can power the light fixtures again when the next power disruption occurs. Such kits include a battery, inverter circuit and charger.

  • How long does fluorescent emergency ballast or kit power the lamp in an emergency mode?

    In an emergency mode, the fluorescent emergency ballast uses a built-in backup battery that can power the fluorescent lamp for about 1 to 3 hours at maximum constant output. The output power of fluorescent emergency ballast can be chosen based on the user’s requirements. So, the illumination time of the lamp will vary accordingly.

  • What are the factors that I have to consider for choosing the appropriate fluorescent emergency kits or ballasts for my lighting system?

    The major factors that you have to consider are backup time, type of fluorescent lamp, temperature requirement of lamp for normal functioning and the protection requirements based on the surrounding of lamp or where the lamp will be installed. If you are not able to figure it out, contact us for expert advice.

  • What are the benefits of fluorescent emergency kits?

    The major benefits of fluorescent emergency kits are listed below:

    • Ideal emergency solution for almost all existing fluorescent light fixtures. They don’t jeopardize the lighting system and are able to maintain precise constant output for an emergency lighting fluorescent tube.
    • No need to set a reminder for charging as their emergency ballast gets automatically recharged.
    • Able to power one or two fluorescent light lamps in emergency mode for at least 90 minutes with up to 1400 lumens.
    • Their output power can be selected based on your requirements which in turn varies the illumination time of the fluorescent lamp.
    • They have safety features that work in protection against short circuit problems, voltage spikes and reverse battery error.
    • They are easy to install and operable at extreme temperatures (-25°C – 70°C).
  • Why Sanforce for fluorescent emergency kits?

    Sanforce is a one-stop solution for all your emergency lighting needs. We offer quality and cost-effective fluorescent emergency kits that are certified and meet safety standards. Explore our inventory to check out the best fluorescent emergency kits currently available in the market.

    Sanforce is a leading manufacturer and distributor of emergency drivers or ballasts for both fluorescent and LED lighting systems. You can contact us for readily available or customized fluorescent emergency ballast or kit.

  • What certificates do your products have? How can I view them?

    The lighting products offered by Sanforce have various certifications regarding usage and safety standards. These certificates include CE, EMC, RoHs, SASO and others. You can view them by downloading them from Our Factory page.

  • Do you offer customised fluorescent emergency kits?

    Yes, we offer customised fluorescent emergency kits and other emergency lighting products meeting the requirements of our customers. Contact us and let us know about your requirements for any emergency lighting product.

  • Where do you supply your emergency lighting products? How can I contact you?

    As a leading emergency lighting power products manufacturer and distributor, we supply our products in most parts of the world including the UK, the UAE and other countries.

    To contact us, you can request a quote via our website. Visit our Contact Us page. Fill up the form and submit it to send us a free quote request with no obligation. If you want to place a bulk order for any of our lighting products, we have no problem sending you a sample.

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