• What are constant current LED emergency driver?

    Constant current LED emergency drivers to provide a fixed range of voltages and fixed output current (amps) to the LED fixture during a power outage from its internal battery.

    They can be mounted as an external or internal driver based on the LED fixture’s requirement. Constant current LED emergency external drivers can be used on LED downlight, LED panel, among others. And internal constant current drivers can be used for LED tubes or ultra-thin trim-proof lamps.

  • Why Sanforce constant current LED emergency drivers?

    Sanforce LED emergency drivers are one of the most cost-efficient and reliable drivers on the market. They can be customized to the needs of your LED fixtures. Along with that, we offer a wide range of battery choices, accessories including auto testing functions, remote test switch, and casing to meet your power and safety needs. As such, Sanforce drivers can be customized for industrial, commercial, or residential facilities with varied surrounding conditions.

  • How to select constant current LED emergency drivers?

    You should select a constant current LED driver based on the current requirements of your LED fixture. Sanforce constant current LED drivers can be programmed to a wide range of output current. Get in touch with our customer support by calling on +75589648670 or send your inquiry using the form below, so that one of our experts can suggest you LED emergency drivers that align with your requirements.

  • What are the benefits of using constant current LED drivers?

    These are the benefits of using constant current LED drivers.

    • Since constant current led drivers are used to driving multiple LED’s connected in series, it eliminates the current balance issues and delivers consistent, non-fluctuating light output.

    • Constant Current Led Drivers produces an output with high uniformity in brightness and colour as identical current flows in the entire string of LEDs Module.

    • Constant current power supplies are helpful for power conversion from the line voltage to the fixed DC output current.

  • What are the features of 1~25W 9-90V DC Constant Current LED Driver?

    1~25W 9-90V DC Constant Current LED driver come with charge indicators and a test button with guaranteed safety of people in the building. It is suitable for all building types, be it a church, theatres, auditoriums etc.

    Besides, it automatically operates in the event of power cuts and maintains precise constant current outputs without harming the system. It works with various LED fixtures, and its output intensity can be customized using a dial-up code.

    This emergency light driver guarantees full protection against reverse battery error or short circuit problems. This Sanforce Tech product is certified by CE, RHoS, and EMC.

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