• What are emergency light accessories?

    Emergency light accessories include a wide of tools and spare parts that are crucial for the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting and emergency lighting power back up systems. Sanforce offers a wide selection of accessories and spares such as battery wiring connectors, metal box casing, test buttons, and many more. As leaders in the emergency lighting market, our comprehensive inventory offers our clients to choose the tools and spare parts that they require to keep their emergency lights up and running.

  • Why Sanforce emergency light accessories?

    Our products are certified by leading authorities in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. As a leading manufacturer and global supplier of emergency light products, accessories and spare parts, we offer extensive support and resources to our clients to solve minor as well as major emergency lighting needs. Our products range from connection plug to advanced spare parts like the remote controller for emergency lights.

    Our emergency light accessories are built keeping in consideration of the varying design of the emergency light arrangement of our clients. With over a decade-long experience manufacturing and supplying emergency lighting products around the world, Sanforce understands the intricacies that surround the maintenance and upkeeping of emergency lights. And we offer solutions to these intricacies.

  • What is the cost and warranty on our products?

    Sanforce manufactures and supplies emergency lighting accessories and spare parts in bulk. We don’t supply in retail. The cost of the spare parts depends on the volume of your order. We offer discounts based on the volume of spare parts and components you have placed the order for. Get in touch now for a no-obligation customized quote.

  • What are waterproof wire connectors and Battery connectors?

    Waterproof wire and battery connectors are essential for indoor and outdoor wire connections to protect your emergency lighting system.


    These wire and battery connectors prevent water damage and short circuit problems providing you with safe and secure connections for your emergency lighting needs.


    They perfectly fit in various emergency light kits and battery models, eliminating the need for heat shrink and ant corrosion devices.


    You can order these premium custom-designed waterproof wire and battery connectors from SanForce Tech by requesting a quote below.

  • What is LED indicator light and emergency light test button? 

    The LED indicator light and emergency light test button support the identification and testing of the emergency lighting system.


    The terminal block guarantees a secure connection between wires by providing the right connections and regulating power distribution.


    A connection plug is a great way to link these and other components.


    All of these emergency lighting accessories are designed to keep your emergency lighting system safe and durable.

  • What is Emergency Light Cover?

    The emergency light cover and box protect your emergency lighting component such as the inverter, battery back, and LED driver in one box for easy installation and operation.


    Our emergency light cover is rated IP67, which is the topmost level of protection offered by an IP rating.  Using our aluminium light cover and box of IP67 rating means you are safeguarding your emergency lighting components against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water.

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