Constant Current

Sanforce offers a versatile range of constant current LED emergency drivers that come with an adjustable Class 2 forward voltage (Vf) output range of 3.6 to 80VDC. Sanforce constant current emergency LED drivers’ forward voltage can be programmed to the input voltage need of the LED fixture. As their constant current output can be programmed to LED fixtures’ needs, they reduce the size of maintaining your inventory and save on your resources to procure drivers for LEDs with varied power input needs.

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Remote Control Emergency Conversion Kits

  • Customized & economical inverter cum battery solution
  • Up to 50,000 hours emergency inverter life cycle
  • Equipped with remote-controlled test switch for periodic inspections
  • Ideal for high-ceiling buildings, theaters, warehouse, churches, etc.
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Low Voltage LED Emergency Power Packs for External Driver

  • Designed for constant current-type LEDs & circuits
  • Utilizes DC/DC switch circuitry
  • Compatible with a wide range of external LED drivers
  • Wide (15 – 90) voltage range to meet your needs
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Constant Current Output LED Conversion Kits

  • Equipped with an inverter, battery pack & accessories
  • Use same LED fixture for normal & emergency situations
  • Configurable 1 to 4 hours backup period
  • Configurable 5% to 100% light output levels
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