• What are LED emergency lights?

    LED emergency lights are rechargeable battery-backed lighting sources that come equipped with emergency inverters and are programmed to illuminate when the main power supply goes off.  Powered by the rechargeable batteries, emergency LED lights help you to continue your regular work during a power cut. In today’s modern commercial and residential building, the emergency led lights are the mandatory requirements.

  • Where can you use emergency LED lights?

    Emergency LED lights can be used in any place where you would like to have lights to turn on in case the main power supply of the establishment goes off, and it becomes dark. Emergency led lights can be used in parking, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, university, school, shopping mall, club, store, hotel, restaurant, school, library, art gallery, museum, office building, outer or indoor wherever is needed. LED emergency lights switch to the in-built battery power source as soon as there is a power outage and provide uninterrupted lighting in the area where it is installed.

  • Why Sanforce LED emergency lighting products?

    Sanforce is a leading manufacturer and wholesale LED emergency lights supplier in China. We manufacture and supply quality LED emergency lights in bulk to distributors across the world. Our LED emergency lighting products are certified by leading authorities and are compliant with environmental regulations.

    For over a decade, we have manufactured and supplied world-class emergency lighting solutions. Our emergency lighting products illuminate many residential, commercial, industrial, and public spaces across the world. This experience has given us the knowledge of your energy requirements and when we know from which country you are – we customize your emergency LED lights that fit into your country’s power supply. With us as a partner, you can focus on other aspects of your business while we take care of your emergency lighting needs.

    On top of that, Sanforce LED emergency lights come packaged with well-documented configuration and setup guides. Our engineers have prepared extensive resources for you to refer to when in need and apart from that we offer the best customer service in the industry – because as manufacturer and supplier of LED emergency lights, we believe in building long term relationships.

    We work with leading supply chain and the components used in our products are supplied by reliable and quality brands. Our semiconductors are supplied by leading brands such ON Semiconductors and IR Semiconductors from USA and Rubycon from Japan.

    Our QC process involves rigorous inspections of all the incoming materials. These materials and our end products go through various types of testings such as the SMT, Auto Aging test, simulation test during and after the production process completes.

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