Emergency Lighting is a vital business asset that allows work continuity by providing a backup lightning when there is a power disruption. LED technology is being used in modern emergency lighting systems because of the number of fantastic benefits they offer.

One of the major benefits is that LED emergency lights save energy and thus help businesses cut on their electricity bills. In this article, we will discuss how energy-saving LED light bulbs can reduce the electricity bills of your business.

Energy Saving LED Light Bulbs

In case you don’t know, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Basically, it is a semiconductor that is able to emit or produce light when an electric current is passed through it.

Energy saving LED light bulbs are gaining massive popularity because they are more energy-efficient than their predecessors like incandescent lighting and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs.

CFL uses up to 70% less energy than incandescent lighting and LED light bulbs are even more energy-efficient as they use at least 75% less energy than incandescent. LED energy saving bulbs do not contain toxic mercury vapour like CFL bulbs and they produce little heat.

How LED Emergency Lights Help Businesses Cut on Electricity Bills?

By using energy saving LED light bulbs instead of traditional light bulbs in your business buildings, you can reduce electricity bills. In LED light bulbs, there is no need for powering a separate light-emitting load like filament and light gets emitted directly from the source. So, that’s how LED light bulbs require much less wattage and save energy.

If you just replace 5 of your major light fixtures in your business building with Sanforce-approved best energy saving LED light bulbs, you could minimize your electricity bills by around 75$ every year. So, think about how much you can save by replacing every light fixture with LED light bulbs.

Of course, it will cost a hefty upfront cost to replace every light bulb with LEDs. But remember that these LED light bulbs are energy-efficient, durable and last for years and years. You should definitely consider using LED emergency lights instead of incandescent or CFL emergency lights for your business.

If you are business-minded, then it would be like a great opportunity for you to save hundreds of dollars by just changing the bulbs in your business buildings. Because of the longevity and light emission per wattage of LED emergency lights, the return on your investment of installing LED lights will be faster. The initial cost of investment can typically be recouped within a year.

Also, LED lights are designed to work for years and they do not need to be replaced frequently like traditional or CFL light bulbs. The maintenance cost of LED emergency lights is close to zero.

So, by providing higher illumination consuming less energy and having a longer life than any other available lighting options, LED emergency lights are currently the best option for businesses in an emergency.

Other Benefits of LED Light Bulbs

LED emergency lights can help you to cut the electricity bills of your business as they are energy-efficient and durable. But that’s not all the benefits of LED light bulbs there are.

LEDs are recyclable and easy to discard. Although CFLs are also recyclable, they have to be carefully disposed as they contain a little amount of mercury which is toxic. LEDs are free from such toxic chemicals.

LEDs produce more direct and efficient illumination. They are able to produce the same brightness as that of halogen light bulbs by using less energy at a much lower wattage. Another benefit of LEDs is that they are more environment-friendly and help minimize global carbon emissions to the great extent.

Where to Use Energy Saving LED Emergency Lights?

Energy saving LED emergency lights can be used in anywhere of your business building or premise where you need or like to have lights in case of disruption of main power supply. LED energy saving bulbs can be used in office building, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, shopping mall, store, parking, school, university, library, club, museum, art gallery, hospital, etc. outer or inner wherever is required.

These LED lights provide uninterrupted lightning in the area or location where they are installed by switching to the in-built battery power instantly when there is a disruption in the main power supply.

Why Sanforce for Energy Saving LED Emergency Lighting Products?

Sanforce, a leading LED emergency light manufacturer and supplier in China has been providing top-notch emergency light solutions to businesses across the world for over a decade. We deliver quality LED emergency lights in various configurations that help your business to operate without having to be bothered about the power outage.

The LED emergency lighting products of Sanforce are genuine, trust-worthy and certified by leading concerned authorities. Also, our lighting products comply with standards that meet environmental regulations. The safety of our clients is our major concern and our products come packaged with well-documented setup and configuration guides.

Let us know where your business is and we will offer customized LED emergency light solutions that fit into the power supply of your country or business location. We even offer the service of custom configuration for bulk orders. Click here to request a quote.


Now you know how LED lights save energy and help you minimize the electricity bills of your business to the great extent, you should seriously consider using them. Switching to energy-saving LED lights is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut your electricity bills.

Our team of experts will be happy to provide the required information and advice regarding the best LED energy saving light bulbs that you can use for your business. Contact Sanforce through its website.

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