An emergency backup system is a dedicated power system design to operate in the event of a power outage. The aftermath of a disaster like fire, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake can often lead to a power outage. Even a simple electrical mishap in the sizeable corporate building can leave you stranded in the dark.

Anticipating the disaster and power outage can be impossible, especially if you operate in large buildings. The best option you have is to plan for a contingency power system in the form of emergency lights.

The emergency backup system should be the priority in any corporate and residential building. It can be used to power up emergency lights to direct the resident to escape route or work as an independent power supply in power outage. It is best practice to install an alternate power source in any corporate building.

Generally, the emergency backup system comes with an alternative power supply, inverter, emergency lights, separate circuitry, and other accessories. It is designed to activate in the event of power outage automatically. Since the backup system will be working in an emergency, it needs a regular test to check whether it is working or not.

How can you use an emergency backup system in your building?

There are different ways to use the emergency backup system to power up the emergency lights in your building.

Standalone emergency light: One of the conventional ways of emergency backup systems is to install standalone emergency light. These are independent emergency lights that come with a dedicated circuit that separates from regular electrical lights. It is powered by a centralized alternate power supply that operates in power outage. The compatibility of electric light depends upon the predesign of the backup system.

Emergency conversion kits are one of the best ways to create a backup system for emergency lights in the building. The conversion kits are a fixture of the lightweight electrical components that can convert any standard lights into emergency light. You can use existing electrical lights to work as backup lights by adding conversion kits.

The emergency light conversion kit comes with rechargeable battery packs and a conversion device to convert and stores the power. When the main power supply goes off, the conversion device automatically switches to battery mode.

The benefit of conversion kits

Compared to dedicated standalone emergency lights, the emergency conversion kit is far more cost-effective and space-efficient. You can convert any normal light into emergency lights by adding a conversion kit. It is cheaper and easy to maintain than the separate circuit of emergency lights.

The conversion kits come with all of the components to create a fully-functional emergency backup system. The responsive design of the conversion device activates the backup power in less than a second when the main power goes off.

In emergency light conversion kit, you can program the running time of the battery pack according to the requirement under various condition. The feature of the test switch allows you to inspect emergency and routine lighting function.

One of the major cons of using battery-powered emergency light is the longevity of the battery. With the conversion kit, intelligent automatic recharging and discharging function extend the battery life cycle for an extended period.

The portable size of the kit allows you to use it anywhere in the building. A conversion kit is compatible with a wide range of lights. It can be used in a hospital, hotel, shopping mall, supermarket, subway station, restaurant, school, office building tunnel, etc.

Types of conversion kits

Sanforce manufactures and supplies various kinds of light conversion kits that can be used in different settings. You can find multiple types of conversion kit for the different needs of a corporate building.

If you are looking for an emergency backup system that produces uniform power output, you can choose from the selection of constant power emergency conversion kits. It ensures stable lighting throughout the premise of emergency battery mode. It is easy to customize and easy to install in any part of buildings.

For the proper operation of the emergency backup system, it requires the routine check and maintenance. It can be cumbersome to check every device for error, especially in large corporate buildings. In such cases, you can use a self-test emergency module that comes with the self-test program to automatically test the system for failure.

If the building uses a traditional fluorescent tube, you can install an FMO series which is specially designed for a fluorescent tube. The module comes with NiCad or NiMH rechargeable batteries which are resistant to high temperature.

Why install the emergency backup system?

For the places that suffer a continuous power outage, an emergency backup system is your best option. It provides overall protection from any power outages in the building. In the disaster, emergency backup light helps to calm people and provide a safe route for evacuation.

In many countries, it is mandatory to include an emergency backup power system in buildings like hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, and others. From the standpoint of the legal standard and apparent benefit, an emergency backup system must be installed in the corporate building.

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