Light has become an inseparable part of human life. We have been using various types of artificial lights around us. The question might arise, are we using the right type of lights? Well, dimmers are the emerging ones as they consume less energy. Would it make much difference if we use dimmers? After all, it’s just a light.

Well, yes, no one’s life is changing just because of the dimmers, but if you are willing to save money and energy consumption both, dimmers are for you.

Let us take a closer look at this issue to figure out how dimming features in an LED emergency light conversion kit reduce energy consumption. 

What are LED dimmers?

LED dimmers are basically devices linked with dimmable LED lights fixtures. They are special drivers that are used to change an LED light intensity. 

The primary function of the dimmers is not only to turn OFF or turn ON the lights but also to increase as well as dim the brightness of the LED lights.

However, the dimmer is much more complex than a traditional switch, as it includes an electric circuit to control the brightness of the connected lights.

Dimmable LED lights are made with state-of-the-art technology and have a dimming capacity that can be used with a dimmer driver or switch.

How do they work in LED conversion kits?

There are two mechanisms that dimmers work in a LED conversion kits. 

PWM Dimming:

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming is operated by turning the LED on and off at a very high speed that the human eye cannot detect the flicker. The process quickly shifts between that current amount and zero. PWM uses the exact amount of electrical current the LED requires. This helps to lower its internal temperature and clearly increases its lifespan. Another advantage is the color temperature remains constant through the dimming as it operates at the rated current level. 

Although there might be some noise generation during PWM dimming from the LED light, fewer flickering might appear when not using the appropriate PWM frequency. Also, PWM drivers can generate electromagnetic interference (EMI), which is extremely harmful to medical appliances. 

CCR Reduction:

Constant current reduction (CCR) dimming, also referred to as analog dimming, works by lowering the current to dim the light as the electric current necessary to illuminate the LED lamp flows through it. CCR dimming increases the lifespan of the LED light as a lower current leads to lower heat generation and lesser stress on the lamp’s components.

The main advantage is that it does not generate any noise or flickering.

CCR dimming can sometimes have some issues with dimmable LED lights at very low current levels. They might sometimes slightly change the color of the emitted light during the dimming of the lamp.

Difference between dimmable and non-dimmable LED lights

Those LED lights that are made up of advanced technology consisting of a dimming feature that can be used on a dimmer switch are known to be dimmable LED lights.

Clearly, dimmable LED lights are much more energy-efficient than non-dimmable lights. It is quite important to choose the light type of LED light for your home, apartments, workplace, or any other fixtures. There are significantly more options to buy for dimmable lights compared to non-dimmable ones.

One should never use a non-dimmable light with a dimmer switch. If the dimmer is at 100% or fully on, the non-dimmable light most likely operates as it should. But as one dims the intensity on the dimmer switch, the bulb will most likely buzz or flicker, eventually, damaging the light. Non-dimmable LEDs are manufactured to work either fully ON or fully OFF.

On the other hand, dimmable LEDs have an advanced circuit that enables them to respond to the changing forms of the dimming intensity. The circuits of the non-dimmable LED are not able to respond to these changing effects of the dimmer. However, a dimmable LED mounted in a non-dimmable circuit will work just fine. The only drawback will be that one cannot dim the light’s intensity.

One can distinguish the LED as dimmable or non-dimmable from its box level. A dimmable light is labelled as dimmable; else it is non-dimmable.

The amazingness of dimmable light is that it can be converted into a mood light. One can control the lighting based upon his moods, for example, if one is having a romantic dinner, or a movie night, halloween, and so on.

It is perfect for highlighting artworks or certain items in your home. They are quite impressive to redirect enough attention to the dull objects that day desperately deserve.

On the other hand, non-dimmable LEDs are suitable for study rooms, libraries, and so on. Non-dimmable lights will be extremely helpful if one has to perform some concentrate or focus requiring tasks.

A dimmable light proves to be beneficial as they are more energy-efficient and has the ability to change the intensity as desired.

How having dimmers in an LED conversion kit help improve energy efficiency?

If less energy is used to carry out the same task or energy waste is minimized, it is energy efficient. Nowadays, dimmer switches available in the market only send the actual amount of energy required to power the light. The excess energy is not wasted in the form of heat energy.

We will not require the same brightness of light throughout the day. During morning and night, lights can be turned up, and when there is the presence of daylight, lights can be dimmed. 

Adjustment of brightness can be made according to the need, which obviously helps improve energy efficiency.

How much energy do dimmers use?

Dimmers nowadays use a “Triac Switch”, which cut the flow of power to light up to 120 times a second while dimming, thus reducing the current flow into the light. Dimming the lights an average of 50% can cut the electricity use by 40 % over time.

How it extends the life of LED?

During normal energy output, the LED consumes more energy for the continuous luminous effect. LED’s are regarded as eco-friendly lighting solutions, and integrating the dimming feature helps it to become more energy efficient. Since dimming lights operate with lower power outputs, they consume less electricity and shine longer, extending the lifespan of your LED.

Bottom Line

Having dimming features in LED Conversion Kits is useful because it allows you to alter the light levels subtly, rather than just having to turn ‘on’ and ‘off’.

The dimming effect adds another dimension to your room’s lighting. So don’t be afraid to install suitable conversion kits for your LED lights to get soothing dimmers for your home and workplace.

Apart from saving a lot more energy, it also increases the lifespan of your LED luminaires, decreasing your lighting cost.

There are many Dimmable Led conversion Kits in the market, and there is no guarantee that all of them work fine. Some dimming drivers in the LED fixtures can burn out too soon or cause a flickering or buzzing effect, causing damage to the LED. 

So always buy a well-tested and certified product from the leading lighting accessories manufacturer and distributor, Sanforce Technology. 

Our CE, ROHS, EMC, and SASO certified premium energy-saving LED Emergency Conversion Kits comes with dimming effects, enriching your life and working environment. 

Whether you need dimmable self-test emergency ballasts, led downlight emergency conversion kit, or Emergency conversion kits for LED panel light, contact us with a non-binding quotation request.

We ship our products to all parts of the world.  So don’t hesitate to order in bulk as per your project needs.

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