What is LED Emergency Light?

LED Emergency Light is a battery-powered lighting system designed to illuminate the buildings or other commercial spaces when the power is cut from the main supply.

This battery-backed device is a secondary source of a lighting system that switches on automatically and provides interrupted light during the power outage.

It helps to prevent possible misfortunes or accidents resulting from fire, storm or any immediate danger.  This works as a safety mechanism that helps people safely navigate their way out of the building through the emergency exits.

Now many countries worldwide have emergency lightning regulations for commercial offices and new-built residential homes.  

Types of LED Emergency Lighting System

When looking for the emergency lighting fitting you want, you will almost definitely come across the terms maintained and non-maintained.’ These are commonly associated with several types of emergency lighting equipment.

Here we will explore the difference between these two.

Maintained Emergency Lighting 

This type of emergency lighting is sustained for later use. They remain charged from the mains, and during power cuts, they throw lights using the backup battery.

Maintained Emergency lights are commonly used in the places of assembly such as shopping centres or movie theatres.

The maintained fitting can be permanently switched on or programmed to illuminate during a power outage. You can also manually operate it using the lighting controller such as a power switch.  

Even though maintained fitting remains lit all the time, its brightness level drops during an emergency mode.

Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting

Non Maintained Emergency Lighting system functions only when the main power supply goes off.  Unlike maintained lighting, it charges from its battery backup supply.

It doesn’t remain active like a normal day-to-day lighting system, and when power fails, it receives the power source from its backup battery and illuminates the workplace for a minimum of 3 hours.

Where is the LED Emergency Lighting used? 

Earlier, we mentioned the types of emergency lighting systems. Now, we will talk about emergency lights designed for different use and settings. 

Emergency Light Designed for Exist Signs and Egress Pathways

What would you normally do if you are in a room or hallway and the power goes off suddenly after your surrounding is filled with smoke?

In this event, you would probably look for the exit signs or egress pathways usually positioned above the nearest exits in the building.

Exit signs are boldly shown by green or red lights that point towards a safe escape. Exit/ Egress pathways are recognized by floor-mounted lighting that illuminates during a blackout, showing the direction of an escape route.

You will generally find these pathways using a small Emergency LED Light bulb to throw light during emergency power cuts.

Temporary or Standby Lightning

Temporary or standby lighting can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they come in different sizes and constructions. 

The most affordable standby lighting is thermoplastic as they combine value with reliability and can be bought at a pocket-friendly price. Then there are steel emergency lights that are most popular in warehouses and industries.  

Moreover, you will find emergency lights made for use in wet locations to prevent electrocution. These types of lightning are outfitted with internal heaters and operate effectively in freezing temperatures and moist areas. 

Architectural emergency lights are manufactured to provide required illumination that can easily blend with upscale interiors. 

Lastly, there are emergency lights designed to withstand the extreme environment. Standard lighting cannot resist flammable and ignitable gas or vapours. Therefore, lightning manufacture has to make special emergency light that could sustain this type of environmental setting. 

Bottom Line

Now you know about different types of LED emergency lighting. You might also have figured out your lighting needs for your business to reduce your power bills and maintenance expenses.

Both from the standpoint of environmental protection and individual safety, it is good to use LED Emergency lights as it consumes less power and provide better safety during an emergency.

At Sanforce Technology, you will find every type of LED emergency lighting device to meet your lighting needs. From Panels to Bulkhead, Batten to Sign and Twin Spots to Downlight, just name it and we will cater it to your doorstep as per your power requirements.

If you are still not sure what you need for your lighting project, get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Sanforce Tech is the leading supplier of LED Emergency lights, emergency drivers, emergency ballasts and many more.

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