Constant Power

Our conversion kits including the All-in-One Constant Power Conversion Module, 3W Emergency Light, and Emergency Battery Packs ensure stable lighting in the premise during a power outage. Easy to customize, our conversion kits, conversion module, and conversion batteries can be used in combination with a wide variety of LED lights drivers and voltage outputs.

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All-in-One Constant Power Conversion Module

  • Compatible with a wide range of LED fixtures
  • Operates on emergency power output range of 2W -4W
  • Integrated with Li-ion battery & emergency inverter
  • Maximum constant output for a minimum of 90 minutes
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SEU-CP030303 conversion kits

  • Conversion pack that operates on 6 – 60 Volts range
  • Fixed constant emergency power 3W output
  • Equipped with 4-way fused terminal block
  • High quality of Ni-CD rechargeable battery with 3 years life.
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SEU-HV040303 emergency battery pack

  • Compatible with most LEDs comes with fixed emergency output power
  • Compatible with dimmable & non-dimmable constant current LED driver
  • Integrated with emergency inverter and NICD D4000 battery
  • Cost & power efficient with 3W, 3-hour emergency power output
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We manufacture high-quality light conversion kits for use in commercial, industrial and residential facilities across the globe. Our constant power output conversion kits offer 90% conversion efficiency and are considered as highly energy efficient. Along with that, they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance – thereby helping in cutting maintenance cost.