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Emergency conversion kits

Internal Emergency Driver for Led Tri-proof Tube

  • Equipped with slim shape convertor and linear battery pack
  • Invisible and convenient to install on wall, ceiling and any buildings
  • IP67 tri-proof
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Remote Control Emergency Conversion Kits

  • Customized solution for inverter and battery, more economical
  • Life cycle for emergency inverter can reach 50,000 hours
  • Remote controled test switch to inspect the emergency line at any time
  • Applicable for high building, such as church, theaters
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Self-Test Emergency Module with Constant Current Output

  • Integral self-test program
  • Auto-run function
  • Failure alarm
  • Duration test every month and 12 months
  • Operate DC 5- 95V output
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Constant Voltage LED Emergency Module

  • Compatible with 6V, 12V and 24V lighting fixture
  • Ideal for LED strip light, Quartz Halogen lamp
  • Constant voltage output
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Low Voltage LED Emergency Power Packs for External Driver

  • Emergency lighting LED Driver for manual testing
  • For LED modules with a forward voltage of 15 – 90 V
  • Constant current output
  • For luminaire installation
  • 3-year guarantee
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High Voltage LED Emergency kits for LED tube with Integrated Driver

  • Fixed Voltage output, automatically match with the lighting output power
  • 100% emergency output for lighting power within 60W
  • Applicable for LED tube, LED sensor tube with internal driver
  • High voltage DC310V output
  • Universal usage for all of lighting fittings
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Emergency Conversion Kits for Fluorescent Tube

  • High Voltage and High Frequency output
  • Compatible with electronic or magnetic ballast
  • Emergency lighting supply unit for manual testing
  • Applicable for 5-98w fluorescent tube
  • Polarity reversal protection for battery
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Constant Current Output Led Conversion Kits

  • Applicable for LED panel, down light, Ceiling light
  • Low voltage output between 6-90V
  • Max emergency output 25W
  • Precise constant current output
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Universal Led Emergency Backup Kits

  • Applicable for all of LED lights
  • High Voltage AC220V or DC220-310V output
  • Non maintained operation or maintained operation
  • 100% emergency current output for LED fittings below 60W
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