LED Emergency Drivers

Browse from our wide range of LED emergency lighting conversion kits and LED emergency drivers for your next commercial, public, industrial or residential project. Designed for secure lighting, in case the main power supply goes down our emergency driver will immediately switch over to battery mode and keeps the surrounding illuminate.

As a leading supplier of LED emergency drivers and emergency lighting conversion kits in the UK, we offer readymade and custom LED emergency driver solutions that align with your project requirements and budget.

Our LED emergency drivers are quality controlled and certified by leading UK’s authorities to meet the need of today’s home, office, and public infrastructures.

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1~60W 220-310VDC T8 LED Tube Emergency Driver

  • Fixed voltage output & smart converter to adjust output current
  • 100% emergency output for lighting power up to 60W
  • Compliant for LED tube, LED sensor tube & Tri-proof LED tubes
  • Ideal for high voltage board (220- 310V DC) output
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1~10W 220VAC Emergency Conversion Kit for LED Tube

  • Slim shape converter with linear battery pack
  • Invisible and convenient to install on wall, ceilings and any buildings.
  • Eco-friendly with energy-saving up to 40%.
  • Ideal for tri-proof LED & other driver-equipped LED lights
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1~25W 15-90VDC Emergency Conversion Kit For LED Panel Lights

  • Designed for constant current-type LEDs & circuits
  • Utilizes DC/DC switch circuitry
  • Compatible with a wide range of external LED drivers
  • Wide (15 – 90) voltage range to meet your needs
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1~25W 9-90VDC LED Panel Emergency Pack

  • Customized & economical inverter cum battery solution
  • Up to 50,000 hours emergency inverter life cycle
  • Equipped with remote-controlled test switch for periodic inspections
  • Ideal for high-ceiling buildings, theaters, warehouse, churches, etc.
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3W 6-60V DC LED Downlight Emergency Pack

  • Compatible with most LEDs comes with fixed emergency output power
  • Compatible with dimmable & non-dimmable constant current LED driver
  • Integrated with emergency inverter and NICD D4000 battery
  • Cost & power efficient with 3W, 3-hour emergency power output
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1~60W 220~230VAC Emergency Ballast for Tube Lights

  • Inverter with multiple protection functions
  • Compatible with 1-60W LED tube emergency lights or other LED lights request 100% emergency power
  • High Voltage AC220V or DC220-310V output
  • Intelligent automatic recharging & converting function
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1~60W 6-24V DC Dimmable LED Strip Light Conversion Kit

  • Compatible with 6V, 12V and 24V lighting fixture
  • Ideal for LED strip light, Quartz Halogen lamp
  • Configurable constant voltage output
  • Intelligent recharging & converting function
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3W 6-60VDC LED Downlight Emergency Conversion Kit

  • Conversion pack that operates on 6 – 60 Volts range
  • Fixed constant emergency power 3W output
  • Equipped with 4-way fused terminal block
  • High quality of Ni-CD rechargeable battery with 3 years life.
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1~25W 12-90VDC Dimmable Self Test Emergency Ballast

  • Integrated self-test program for functional tests
  • Integrated alarm system to notify of malfunction
  • Automatic monthly & annual functional tests
  • Highly energy and cost-efficient
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1~25W 15-90VDC LED Panel Emergency Kit

  • Equipped with an inverter, battery pack & accessories
  • Use same LED fixture for normal & emergency situations
  • Configurable 1 to 4 hours backup period
  • Configurable 5% to 100% light output levels
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4~70W 1000V Dimmable Fluorescent Emergency Ballast

  • Compliant with T5/8W to T8/70W LED Panel
  • Compliant with wide range (5-98W ) Fluorescent lamps
  • Adjustable output power between 4W to 8W
  • Compatible with electronic & magnetic ballast
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1~60W 220-310VDC Emergency Ballast for LED Tube

  • Compatible with a wide range of LED tubes
  • Battery reverse protection functionality
  • High voltage DC 220-310V output
  • 12V 4AH high-quality NiCad batteries with fire-protection bags
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2~4W 6-60VDC LED Emergency Pack

  • Compatible with a wide range of LED fixtures
  • Operates on emergency power output range of 2W -4W
  • Integrated with Li-ion battery & emergency inverter
  • Maximum constant output for a minimum of 90 minutes
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