Imagine there was a sudden power outage and your visibility is blocked without being able to find the exit point. This situation can happen anytime and the only way to safeguard you from such happenings is the installation of emergency lights at exit points. You will find this set up to be very useful when there is an unexpected power breakdown. Incandescent lights were the only source of lights in the past. However, most people use torch lights these days to find the exit point. While the importance of having emergency lights installed is recognized, there are still certain people who are unaware of it. In fact, the UK government has made it a mandatory rule to have emergency lights installed and to ensure that the measures are in place. The extent of emergency lights varies with different premises. The main concern with emergency lights is that there is sufficient lighting for the entire place so that everyone can get to the exit point safely.

The work doesn’t end just by installing emergency lights alone. Proper care and maintenance is very essential in order to make sure that it is functioning properly and lasts for a longer time. Therefore testing these lights to ensure it functions properly is very crucial. Modern lighting systems may have the capability to test themselves. However, old buildings with older emergency lighting may require manual testing. To execute this, a special switch together with a fishtail key is required for triggering the lighting. Although this can be a pretty daunting task, you can execute this in a systematic way by keeping track of the record in a logbook. Be sure to carry out several tests regularly, say, weekly, monthly and annually. Daily checks would also be fine for ensuring its proper function.

Even if you don’t have a fish key for testing it, you can do this using fuse box as well. Well, it is recommended that you perform a full discharge test. This test involves switching off the power and allows the complete system to discharge. If you are not confident about doing this test, it is better that you consult a qualified electrical engineer and ask him to check the entire system completely. It is important that the premises are not functioning for the time you test them. Well, this test should be done with the utmost caution and concentration. There is a form where you can keep a track of the record. You can get these forms online for free. All you need to do is record the date, result of the test, remedial action that needs to be taken and the signature of the engineer who performs this test. This test record will be overlooked by your local fire authority. So, bear this in mind and be sure to install and test these emergency lights frequently to certify it is functioning properly.

Emergency lighting plays a very crucial role when it comes to safety. Most commercial complexes, theatres and hotels make it a point to have emergency lights. Even older buildings which never had these lights are becoming conscious of the importance. They have now begun installing them in order to keep up with safety regulations. Installing emergency lights should be made mandatory especially in aircrafts, ships and vehicles as well. It is an important sign of warning when something unexpected takes place. Emergency lighting is considered as people’s savior when there is a sudden power crash. Emergency lights, even those as simple as a power torches would only be useful as long as you have them ready in your hands. What people really look for is a mechanism that lights up immediately when there is a power breakout. These days, many homes make it a point to install these lights at any cost, so they need not worry when power fails.

The law has now made it obligatory that larger buildings must have emergency lights installed so that they are protected against power breakouts. Light bulbs together with a power generator formed the basic components of emergency lights. A custom that has persisted since the past is the use of incandescent lights in case of power failures. However, the advent of LED lights has paved the way for people to use them as the main source of emergency light. Going for LED lights is a lifetime investment as the life span of these lights is more than 50,000 hours. Moreover, we would not require emergency lights very frequently. Therefore, you need not keep changing the lights often. Intensity of any emergency light depends on the area it needs to cover. Larger buildings need bigger areas to be illuminated. Using high lumen floodlights would prove handy at this instance. A relay mechanism behind the emergency light allows it to activate in case of a power failure.

When there is some category that goes off automatically when the power returns, there are other lights which need to be switched off manually. If this is not taken care of, then there are chances for these lights remaining lit for a longer time, even after the power supply returns to its normal state. In some cases, emergency lights are installed near exit points, especially in buildings, so that when there is a sudden power shut down, people can easily find the exit point to leave. Emergency lights find their importance in fields like aircrafts, army tanks, mines, theaters and so on. It is primarily useful at almost every place where evacuation of people might become necessary. Be it any place it is installed, it should have an independent power source. Having said that, you need to become more cautious and begin installing emergency lighting for your house and vehicle as well.

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