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No, The battery pack of emergency conversion kit must be charged over 24 hours before discharging.

No. It must be confirmed with us case by case.

The emergency output is high voltage and high frequency (1000v 230KZ))for fluorescent,That is not applicable for LED system.

The main difference is that high temperature battery can be trickle charged well even though the emergency power kit stay at high temperature due to insufficient radiating caused by the lights working for long time, while normal temperature battery may stop charging in such conditions that result in emergency light failed to work. We would highly recommend to use high temperature battery for emergency lighting kit.

No, The battery is being charged all the time, The charging current will be decreased based on the  capacity status during the charging process. For NiCD and NiMH battery, it is applicable for constantly charging  without any risk even though no over voltage protection. But  under voltage protection is set up for discharging.

Normally 2 years later.

For Nicd battery, the capacity will be reduced by 10% at first of year and 20%of the second year, it will remain 70%-80% after total 3 years.

For Nicd battery we offered you, we set up the charging current at 0.05C(1/20 battery capacity) that is suitable for long time constant charging, no any damage for battery. It’s characteristics of NiCD itself.

Our markets mainly spread over Europe, South of America, Africa and Asian Pacific region as well as domestic marketing, we have 8 years of experience in foreign trade, we have worked with buyers of lighting importers and distributors etc.

We are dedicating to LED emergency power pack for commercial lighting, research, manufacturing and sales, aiming to be a leading emergency lighting backup power producer. Our main products include:

1. Constant current output of Led conversion kit for LED panel light, LED down lights and other LED light applications with external driver. Emergency output power differed from 5-90% according to customer’s requirement.
2. 100% emergency output power of emergency kits for LED tube with AC220V or DC110-150V output.
3. Emergency lighting battery packs for Fluorescent tube 14-98W.
4. High Temperature rechargeable NiCD and NiMH battery pack for emergency control gear
5. Emergency LED T8 tube and min LED T5 3W-4W
6 Constant power emergency kits.


We are a factory, we provide OEM services and accept small order. We only focus on the manufacturing of  products-Emergency Conversion Kits.

Our engineering department has 3-5 people, we have the research and development capabilities. We also collect each customer’s feedback regularly, We have the ability on product improvement and new product development.

The reason is that our emergency output is one way of high frequency pulse,

the output of pulse waveform is not completed but only half of that .But it

will not affect the functionality of fluorescent tube because of the emergency

running is not frequent. Unless emergency back up functionality is needed

all the time that will impact the life of tube slightly.

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